Sprouting and soaking??

i’be been eating raw for the past 3 weeks and mainly ive been eating salads, fruits, smoothies, things like that but i’ld like to try to make other recipes but they call for things that have to be sprouted and soaked and stuff like that. I really dont get that whole thing! where am i supposed to buy raw almonds and cashews and things like that? ive gone to my health food store but i dont see anywhere where it says raw! and how and what does sprout mean? any help?!?


  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    sprouting and soaking activates the enzymes making nuts and seeds more digestable and ‘live’. They are like seeds that are dormant, yet raw, but when soaked become activated. Hope this helps. You are still eating raw seeds and nuts when you don’t soak them, it’s just that some peeple prefer to activate the lifeforce within them.


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