Recipes for flax seeds???

I know I need to get more omega 3s and other EFA into my system as I do not eat flax seeds regularly. The main reason is first of all, they are hiding somewhere in the back of my cupboard (dear). I do not run the dehydrator but maybe once every month or other month or so because my mom thinks it is way too much electricity and I do not pay the bill, so I do not argue.

Therefore, how do I use flax seeds, without a dehydrator? Do I just grind them and add them to salads? Also, for those who take flax seeds as a supplement, how much should I take daily Could I just take them in water?

Furthermore, I do not believe flax seeds have any omega 6’s in them. What is a good source for them?? I know hemp is. Do you all use hemp oil? Maybe I should jsut buy some of that. How much should I take daily??

Sorry for all the questions. Any help would be appreciated.

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