What to do with coconuts???

The brown hairy coconuts were on sale the other day, 5 for $5.00. I usually make coconut milk (see my profile for recipe) which tastes AMAZING but I think I would like to make something else out of it. Soooo, without shredding and drying it, what can I do with the meat?

I do have honey as well as some molasses, I have flax seeds, I have bananas and apples. I do not have avocados right now and I do not have raisins. I have some walnuts but they have been in the freezer untouched for a few years and I think that they are rancid. I need to find out if they are or not. i do not have dates or prunes.

What can I make???


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I made some macaroons with some hairy coconut that turned out amazing – chopped coconut, some coconut water, sweetner. Process it. Yummy! You could probably also make some Thai style dishes – coconut & curry.

  • Well, I made macaroons according to as you said to but….what do I do with these? They are like shredded coconut. Not really at all creamy but sweet. Is this supposed to be dehydrated. As I said, I rarely run the dehydrator but maybe I could. How long do I run the dehydrator??

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I don’t have a dehydrator. Mine come out quite creamy – probably cuz I don’t use much coconut water. Oh, I forgot that I also add a tablespoon of coconut oil, which when put in the fridge helps solidfy it all. I then added a chocolat dip on top. They were to die for – gotta add this. If yours are too wet, try putting them on a strainer – whatever the case, they’re desert. If you eat cooked rice, you can also make it into coconut rice pudding. I suppose you could make some soaked cereal like oatmeal or kamut, grind it up to a pulp, add the coconut for a sweet pudding!

  • Well, using the food processor, I just got this tasty wet shredded coconut. I mashed two bananas and added a couple large spoonfuls of this coconut mixture to the mashed bananas, stirred it up and it was GREAT. Tastes like banana coconut custard or something like that.

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