Does anyone know if sells truly raw and unpasteurized nuts? Do you know if they heat them above 118 degrees at any time?


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    They say so. Their almonds are unpasteurized according to the site. They have an ‘800’ number. Maybe you could call and ask. I hope so because this looks like a great site. They specify between roasted and raw. The unshelled nuts are raw, I would think.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Their “raw” nuts are just like everywhere else – raw just means not roasted. Their raw almonds say they are pasteurized, but the organic almonds are not. says all their nuts are “really raw” – I heard they started their business because they wanted access to the really raw stuff.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Yup, you heard that from me,(I think) and i heard it from the owner of Real Raw Food!! :)

    I should be getting my order soon, so I will keep you posted. For some reason, I don’t trust nuts on line. Even though I asked them and specified that I am a raw foodist and they told me they were raw. I still don’t trust them! Go with your gut I always tell myself.I got a really good feeling from Real Raw Food. He seemed genuine. Wait until I get my order, and then I will post some feedback. Then you can go from there!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    You know, most shelled nuts use heat in the process of shelling. They are still better than those that are chemically pasteurized, which some are. If this is the only way to eat nuts anymore, then heat shelled nuts are a better option than SAD food. Pick your poison. If this is a major concern, then don’t eat nuts.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Yes, but you can get really RAW nuts. Cashews for example are steamed for greater ease of shelling. But there are companies that are sensitive to raw foodists needs and are taking the extra steps to make sure the nuts are not heat treated in any way. It isn’t impossiblde to get into most nuts with out heating them!

    I guess I have to once again talk about Real Raw Foods and the fact that they have been raw for about 3 years now, and started their business for themselves, because they were angry when they found out that ‘raw’ nuts were not truely raw. They wanted good quality raw foods.

    They work closely with the farms and know the state of the nuts. They ARE RAW!!!!! The only nuts on their site that aren’t are pecans, because those will NOT come out of the shell unless they are placed in HOT water. This they admit, but everything else is RAW.

    I have spoken to the owners on the phone, and feel very confidant that they are not B.Sing me. I am going with my gut this time. Every time I go against my gut feelings, I get royally burnt!

    But you know what? You can believe what you want, while I am enjoying my truly raw cashew cheeze, and walnut creme etc.! :)

  • GREAT news guys! I talked with the company and they said all of their nuts labeled raw are raw with the exception of the NON-ORGANIC almonds which are pasteurized. He said the organic were not pasteurized. Also, they do not heat them in the shelling process because, as he said, “There is no need to.”

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