direct me please..

I cannot seem to locate information on using your toaster or oven like a dehydrator.I don’t have a dehydrator and really want to make eggplant roll-ups and mushrooms as well if possible raw pizza.

Would it just be more practical to get a dehydrator?


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Well, you could try your oven, get a fan and sit it so it blows into the oven when it is on low. Get a thermometer to put in there to keep an eye on things. Some people have problems with the food going mouldy before it dries – so use the fan. Even if it works, there is nowhere near as much space as there is in a real dehydrator. It is frustrating and time consuming to spend time making something and only be able to make a small batch. I do 9 trays of bread at a time usually which takes 45 mins and lasts a couple of weeks.

    My husband just made a dehydrator for very little money, using a desk fan, light bulbs and some shelving. But I would imagine that cheap second hand dehydrators are pretty easy to find in the USA.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I often find that dehydrated foods make me feel very dry and I am constantly thirsty. Mock pizzas however do need a dehydrator to attain the proper consistency. Mushrooms and eggplants don’t really need to be dehydrated. I would just marinade them to make them more pliable. If you do plan on purchasing a dehydrator then shop smart. Visit many websites to see if you can get a discount. For example try They have low prices on many things. Hope that helps you out a bit.


  • Is it really ok to eat eggplant raw? I always heard it was toxic when raw? Maybe just a SAD myth:)!

    I really do not eat many fancy raw foods meaning eleborate,I mainly eat simple raw foods. I thought it might be fun to make something other than pates and such. I guess maybe I could invest in a small dehydrator for the occasional treat! Thanks for responding and your great advice!

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