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Where can I get one that I don’t have to remortgage the house for?! I have seen them for 800 bucks! That’s nuts!!!!

I really need one because my blender is driving me nuts!!

Thanks! :)


  • I purchased mine from the Vitamix website. You can get them refurbished AND an inclusive 10 year warranty for about $350.00. You really can’t get cheaper than that and have the benefit of a warranty. It’s hands down the best appliance I have ever purchased. Go for it!

    (I love your name by the way)

  • My apologies Luna Blu. I looked up my receipt for accuracy. It is in fact a 7 year warranty (still great!) And here is the cost breakdown:

    SKU: 1317/1244 Name: Factory Reconditioned Vita-Mix 5000 (White)

    Product Subtotal: $349.00 Tax Total: $31.23 Shipping: $25.00 Other: -$25.00 Invoice Total: $380.23

    As you can see, they even deducted the shipping.

    Hope that helps you.

  • I got sooo lucky and got one from a coffeehouse that closed down recently in my area. So I have a commercial vitamix ( a vitaprep) and i got it for $150!! .. I know the owner put the other one on Ebay to sell – so you might want to try there?

  • You can try, they’ve got a few different models.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Oliveroblong, thanks about my name, and thands for the info.

    Artzyfartzy, I am soooooo envious! You totally lucked out!!!

    Thanks for the website raw_mama. I love your avatar!! It’s mother Goddessy!

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