hyaluronic acid?

Does anyone know of a raw source of HA, or how to help your body increase production of it? My mom has convinced herself that she needs to buy a pressure cooker to extract HA from chicken bones and I’d like to find her a healthier alternative.


  • i know you can buy it as a supplement. i don’t think it’s raw, and i don’t know if it’s vegetarian, probably not.

  • what is it? I’ve heard of it but not sure.

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    Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body and is absolutely essential in providing moisture to our skin, which is particularly helpful when our skin begin to dry out a we age. This acid can
    Hydrate the skinHeal wounds and assist with tissue repairSmoothe and even out skin textureEnhance firmness and decrease the depth of wrinkles and fine linesReduce dermatitis or skin inflammation.

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