Making Banana Coconut Cream Pie...

Thank you to whoever it was again that posted this recipe recently! I want to make it but I do not have Macadamia nuts and will not be going to the health food store any time soon. Can I just use walnuts or pecans?? Or make the crust with mostly coconut?? Also, it calls for two cups of young coconut meat, how many young coconuts is that?? Hopefully only one.


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Macadamias are wonderful, but walnuts and pecans I’m sure would work fine. It’s really a personal preference. If you like the flavor of the nut, go for it!

    Brazil nuts and pine nuts are like macadamias in that they have a high oil content. They do have a stronger, more distinctive flavor, though.

    It can be a little tricky selecting young coconuts. Some have hardly any pulp, some have about a whole cup, if you’re lucky. Most have about half a cup. Also, some are more mature than others, meaning the meat is meatier, while others are very immature, with a jelly-like texture. I look for young coconuts that are pretty large and heavy, although this is not always a guarantee there will a lot of pulp inside. Sometimes there’s just a bunch of yummy coconut water, with relatively little pulp. Sometimes I have better luck with a medium sized young coconut.

    To play it safe, you might need as many as 5 young coconuts to make 2 cups of meat. At the least, I would buy 4 good quality young coconuts. In the past, when I’ve made smoothies, and I didn’t have enough pulp, I used dried coconut to make up for the shortage. Don’t know if this would work in this recipe.

    I don’t know how much experience you have opening these darn things, but has expert instructions on opening young coconuts (it’s a two pager). Good luck!

  • WOW! I do not think I will be spending over $20.00 on ONE PIE! I am going shopping on Saturday and I need ideas for a pie. I cannot get raw pumpkin and I guess sweet potatoes are too starchy though I might try soaking them. This coconut pie sounds great but it is very expensive. What about using mature brown hairy coconuts??

  • Okay, the recipe I found on for raw pumpkin pie turned out very good and much like real pumpkin pie when I used cooked canned pumpkin. I think I might just use butternut squash for the pie instead of raw pumpkin??

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    I just used almond flour in the crust. It was the super expensive one from rawguru, but if you want to make almond flour, dehydrate soaked nuts for 24 hours (I guess 12 hours would work) and blend them for just a second or two in the vita-mix. Those nuts will be so crunchy that they will immediatly turn into flour.

    As for the filling, what achin7 said is true, you can get anything with a young coconut. I just buy like 15 coconuts at a time and crack them all when I need them. There are usually only 4 really good ones (really thick, nice meat) and most of the rest have medium (softish) meat. There are about 3 that are rotten. I would think adult coconut meat would work, that’s a good idea!! Maybe what you could do is use some young coconut meat and some mature coconut meat?

    shgadwa – I have a pumpkin pie recipe from Raw Food Real World. Do you want me to post it on Gone Raw? It doesn’t have pumpkin in it, instead just another young coconut meat deal, but it tastes usrprisingly like pumpkin pie. I will post it if you want. It’s really good.

  • Maybe post the recipe on goneraw. But, say its from raw food real world. Has anyone tried pumpkin pie with butternut squash??? I was thinking, because my dad is eating oatmeal and sprouted bread and other cooked foods like rice and beans (because raw food starves him currently) I might as well make this pumpkin pie with canned pumpkin. It would be raw otherwise.

  • smoothielovesmoothielove Raw Newbie

    If you are not set of making a pie you could try these butternut squash cookies…

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I had a pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving made w/butternut squash, and it was very yummy!

    If you do decide to buy young coconuts, I’ve had the most success with the KSA brand (it has no label on the wrapping, but the company name is on the case. Next would probably be the Dynasty Brand (Young Fresh Coconut sticker on the label). Last would be the Best Brand (“Best” sticker on the label, least amount of pulp, tends to be more immature).

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