Sun Tea Fans?

Just wondering how many others here enjoy sun tea?

Now, that I moved to Cali I don’t have to wait for the summer to make it any more! Yeah!

Weird that I don’t really like hot tea though but I love sun tea! I guess maybe it has good “summer” memories for me.

I like mine totally raw – nothing in it just the tea and water brewed by the sun! :)

I love that leafy taste!


  • You can do the same thing by putting the tea and water in a jar and letting it sit for a day or so, covered lightly to keep dust/bugs out. The warmth of the house does the work! I like to do this particularly with fresh mint, which I stir in the water every few hours when I rinse my seeds.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    starrie – that is a good idea too! I noticed though that I get a better (and stronger) taste if my tea gets sun though. I wonder if there are any benefits to having the sun brew the tea? If anyone knows, post it here.

  • My whacky guess would be the direct energy from the sun going into the bottle and the leaves. Ya never know I could be right for once :).

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