Bye Bye Fluffy Breads?

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

The raw food diet has an alternative for basically every recipe out there. We’ve got it all covered: cheese, sushi, pizza, donuts, soups, and even spaghetti! But, can our recipes of raw bread and muffins compare to fluffy, soft, and light rolls, pound cakes, and freshly baked bread? Is it possible to make fluffy pancakes or pastries raw? I am drawing a blank, and all I can think of in raw terms is chewy and thick, heavy breads and moist, soft, but not fluffy cakes. Have we bid farwell to the fluffy?


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I have heard some stories of people having some fluffy-ish raw bread somewheres (said it was like foccacia (sp?)) but I haven’t had any…sigh. :(

    But, yes, sorry to be the one to tell you this…but yes, you will be saying bye bye to the fluffy breads for the most part. Yes, I know it is so disheartening – I have a serious fluffy bread addiction. But don’t lose heart totally. People are coming up with new ways to make raw breads better all the time. I have to admit if I make something like raw banana bread I am pretty OK with my results – probably because it is a different sort of bread. But yeah, the nice “fluffy” breads (I like to call them “poufy” breads) are not really a reality yet.

    I am actually brain storming to figure out how to make them. If you have an issue with yeast than fluffy raw breads may not be possible. (of course there is always fermented breads – adding some kombucha might give you some rise – which will give you some rise but you might not get much fluffiness). The bad thing about using yeast in raw breads is that some rawies will not like the idea of ingesting live yeast (my bf thinks it is harmless but it is individual). Also it will take a LOONNG time to dehydrate! (we need more efficient dehydrators – I make a secret promise to you that that problem with be solved in the not to distant future – my bf is working on constructing a new type of dehydrator that will cut dehydrating time in half – one day it will available to use!).

    I still plan on experimenting with the live yeast to get some sort of fluffy bread. I keep putting it off and forgetting about it. Basically, I am just going to sprout some grains (I am going to start of with rye because I have some) and follow the regular bread directions on the yeast packet and dehydrate and see what happens. :)

    I am glad you posted this Rawsiki- it is a reminder to me that I still haven’t done my damn fluffy bread experiment yet – Keep reminding me and I’ll do it this week! Gotta get my sprouter out! :)

  • Yum, fluffy bread. We had a big family Easter dinner today and I swore before going that I was just going to have salad. I have been pretty much 100% raw for the last two weeks. Well, I blew it today! I was eating salad and then the basket of hot, FLUFFY, freshly baked bread arrived and I couldn’t resist. The smell over-powered my will. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, but now I physically and mentally feel like C.R.A.P..

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i wouldn’t quite call this “fluffy” but you can make “creamy” bread from lots of soaked flaxseed, coconut meat, hazel/brazil nuts, dates, banana, and spices all food processed to make a kind of pancake batter that can be dehydrated, and comes out a very delicious creamy realistic pancake. i’m afraid it is the yeast that makes bread fluffy, which is not safe to eat raw.

  • A good raw bread recipe would be so nice. I’m finding regular bread the hardest thing to give up.

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