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Sorry if this is already being discussed elsewhere, but are there some of you who eat certain non-raw VEGAN foods for a specific health benefit? I really feel like I’m missing something with 98% raw [I use things like Bragg’s, miso, etc.. and eat cashews and other nuts sometimes]. I was considering bringing edamame back into my diet. I like nori and buy dried unroasted nori and make raw sushi. I don’t really have an interest in eating rice at this point, but I know ill probably eat a little while I’m in japan.

I guess my main question is what non-raw VEGAN foods do you eat [if you do eat them].. and why?

All info/advice/replies/links greatly appreciated!


  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I went through times when i did just that, mango woman. There was the “but I’m running a marathon, I NEED steel cut oats and brown rice!” phase. Then i began to put things together. For me cooked grains= joint pain! Baked vegan treats =insomnia and leg cramps. Continuing any kind of cooked vegan foods regularly =depression, heavy periods, monthly migraines, and swelling. I had to learn the hard way. I know that for me, there is no other way to eat, but it took me 2 years to figure it out.

  • Hmm. this is true. I’ve been putting it off.. heh. I’m still too chicken to eat cooked food. I’ve been almost entirely raw for nearly a year.

  • Hey mango woman, maybe it’s not the non-raw question at all maybe it’s totally different. I don’t know much, I’ll be the first to admit that, as I’m so new to “raw”. But having been in the “health” field in my former life. LOL I try to eat something dark red, dark orange and dark green with a protein twice a day usually lunch and dinner. A mixture of fruits, veges, nuts & seeds. But for my first meal of the day only fruits except for chia seed, but again as many colors as possible. I am 61 but feel 16 and have never been in better health. I don’t eat grains or anything white at this point. Have been raw since Oct., 07 Just something to think about concernng your feeling of missing something. Good Luck with your investigation.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    What about a B12 supplement?

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    mango woman: as far as non raw vegan foods.. I generally will eat some rice pasta twice a week ( a chance to share a meal with non raw husband) and occasionally if I am going to be somewhere where everyone is having some cake or something like that ( a birthday party for example) , I will bring a vegan cookie or some vegan chocolate (makes me feel like I”m indulging because giving up cooked non vegan cake/cookies was really hard for me)

  • hmmm I have nutritional yeast in my diet. I don’t have access to great local organic produce so I have to wash my veggies into near oblivion (non-organic food = the suck, organic food from the store goes through all sorts of unfavorable shipping conditions), thus I can’t rely on soil for B12 which a lot of fruitarians do. So the nut. yeast is one source for B12. I try to avoid nama shoyu, but I like eating and making spreads with it…I used to be a sushi chef in training so it is nice to make a dipping sauce of nama shoyu, lemon juice, garlic, and ginger when I make raw versions of sushi…best of luck

  • Hmm. . well thanks to those who replied! I won’t be eating cake, cookies or noodles though. Nutritional yeast used to work really well for me when I was a cooked vegan, but now not so much. It makes me feel really realllllly tired. I don’t really want to take a B12 supplement either, as i never did when cooked vegan. I think i’ve bashed all of your suggestions! [not on purpose! i promise!]

    waterbaby, you do NOT look anywhere near 61. I had to say that. I would guess far, FAR below that. :)

    I guess the foods I have been questioning were steamed edamame, baked plain sweet potatoes, and being okay with things like Bragg’s and other condiments that are used very rarely.

    No one around here is high raw with certain plant foods kept in their diet that aren’t raw?!

    I suppose I should take that as a hint. ;] I’m in no rush to bring any cooked vegetables back in.. but if i were to, it would be strictly vegetable. I wouldn’t just randomly steam stuff either, and i would never fry anything. I guess i’m just still feeling like something is missing.

    I really need a low fat source of protein. I also need to lose some weight.. which has been causing all these questions about my “diet”.

  • in renee loux underkoffler’s book living cuisine she supports light steaming of veggies (especially brassica family) to make them easier to digest, making all the good nutrients more readily available…i think some edamame and sweet potato would be alright. There are tons of differing opinions about soy, but there are tons of differing (and frustrating) ideas about every aspect of diet. Choose for yourself. Condiments like braggs? go for it.

    low fat source of protein…mushrooms, lots of kale…

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    When I started eating cooked food again a few months ago, the two things that felt almost as good as raw (to my body) were baked potatoes and cooked black beans.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey mango woman! I only eat non-raw food food if I’m at someone’s house or in a restaurant where there are no other options, but I do go a little crazy with medicinal tea which is not raw but fascinating. I read a couple of books about herbs – especially adaptogens, ordered a box of roots and things from Mountain Rose Herbs and now I make a crazy tea that I use as the base for my smoothies with reishi mushrooms, eleuthro, astragalus, rhodiola root, pau d’arco root, cat’s claw and quite a few others. It’s far from raw since it brews for a couple of hours but I’m fascinated by the benefits and the history of these herbs and they’re really aesthetically pleasing to work with. The website is fantastic.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    mango woman: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to suggest eating pasta/ cookies for nutrition! I didn’t read your post right.. I just kind of read the “what non raw do you eat”.. for nutrition I’d say some cooked lentils might be good.. and some wild rice

  • I only eat cooked, which cannot be eaten raw and only when I’m craving them. These are usually millet, oats or brown rice.

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