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Anyone wear glasses/contacts?

geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

Anyone? And does going raw improve your eyesight? Like you used to wear them and now do not or something like that?Just wondering, because I wear glasses/contacts.


  • I wear glasses and contacts( when working) too. I have glasses since I was 6 years old, so put them down would be very difficult. I try to eat foods that are supposed to improve eyesight such as lutein rich foods like kiwi, avocadoes, corn, spinach, and carotin rich foods too. Blueberries are also said to be good for your eyes.

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    My eye doc said flax is the best thing you can eat for your eyes

  • That’s very good news heathermarsbomb, as I eat a lot o flax every day.

  • I haven’t noticed any change in my eyesight, but I have noticed my eyes are less sensitive to light. I have no need for my sunglasses at all anymore, and I used to tear up whenever I went out into bright sunlight without them.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Flax eh? i do eat a bit, I think I will eat more now! I am actually patially sighted. I have a rare disorder where the cones in the focal point of my eyes have degenerated. It’s a form of macular degeneration. But maybe flax will help the other parts of my eyes!

  • We wear glasses. We are currently trying an experiment. For the last week, we have been drinking carrot juice. Apple/Carrot/Spinach We are excited about the carrot juicing, because of the reports we have found from many people about improved eyesight. After about one year of drinking carrot juices, most people found their eyesight improved. Many found their eyesight improved so much they had no need for their glasses anymore. I would love to not have to rely on my glasses. So this excites us!! Carrots are so rich in carotinoids such as beta-carotene, it is no surprise that people are seeing a difference. Once in awhile, we add a little spinach to our carrot juices, for the same beta-carotene benefits. Juicing Benefits; not smoothie (blending in blender).

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I wear glasses. No eyesight improvement yet. But I’ll try the carrot juicing, great idea simplyraw! I’m surprised that you’d have to juice them. I thought Vitamixing the carrots would be equivalent to juicing. Hmm. Can you point to an article about this? Why juicing versus carrot smoothie making?

  • Winona maybe juicing is better, because that way the nutrients can get to the cells quicker and easier, because there are no fibers. You can use the other parts of the carrots after juicing so you don’t waste them. For ex. in dehydrated stuff.

  • I wear glasses for reading, but I haven’t really noticed any changes in my eyesight. My mom also wears glasses for reading, and she says that when she eats more raw she can read without her glasses, but when she eats more cooked she has to use her glasses.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Flybaby- that makes sense. Nutrients getting to the cells quickly. Thx.

  • Just be careful ya don’t turn colors ;).

  • Winona -

    I wrote “Juicing Benefits; not smoothie” because the reports my husband and I read were by people juicing carrots.

    Honestly, I do not know if it would make a difference. Especially, if you have a high power blender. Personally, I think if you have a high power blender, this would probably be better…..for fiber reasons.

    I do know freshly pressed juices allow nutrients to enter your blood stream almost instantaneously. Plus, some people have extremely sensitive digestive tracts. For these people, well strained vegetable juices would have a better chance of being well tolerated than a smoothie that is rich in fiber.

    However, if you are in good health, I would think juices and smoothies are both beneficial. And if this is the case, I think here is where it just comes down to personal perference.

    I first read about the carrot juice improving eyesight in “Bernadette Bohan’s The Choice”. Soon after reading her book, we purchased a Green Star. We then bought some juicing books and looked at juicing recipes online. (Juicing books by Steve Meyerowitz and N.W. Walker.) This is when we started seeing several reports about carrot juicing improving eyesight.

    So, I do not really know if it truly matters if you juice versus blend. What we read was by people juicing. I think it might be just as beneficial to blend as to juice. Blending might actually be better without the high sugar content of juicing carrots. Plus, you are receiving the fiber. We juice wheatgrass in the morning and at lunch. In the morning, we follow our wheatgrass shot with our carrot juice concoction. We are juicing carrots every other day or two. So, we do not become orange colored people. Throughout the rest of the day we blend, blend, blend.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    simplyraw, does your GreenStar juice wheatgrass by itself?

  • KarliKarli Raw Newbie

    I think juicing and eating lutein and carotene rich foods can support eyesight, but I don’t think it’s enough to notice significant improvement. The functionality of the eye is controlled by various muscles, and when those muscles become weakened, then eyesight weakens. For example, somebody who needs glasses to see objects at a distance probably tends to strain the eyes so much on closer focus like reading, computer, etc. so that the expansion muscles for distance sight are weakened. Also, wearing contacts or glasses is like walking around on crutches forever. Imagine if you always walk around with crutches, your leg muscles don’t get stronger, but instead get weaker as they get accustomed to the crutches. So, wearing glasses, your eye muscles get used to the glass doing the work for them, and so they don’t get “exercise” and that’s why people usually need to get progressively stronger prescriptions. The solution: vision training! I used a program called Vision for Life: A 30 Day Program to Better Eyesight. Commit and follow the program exactly and you should get results. I went from 20/70 to 20/30 in 30 days, and I no longer wear glasses.

  • Ahhh, good question.

    We purchased our Green Star 2000 from www.rawguru.com because it was a hundred dollars cheaper and free shipping.

    It does juice wheatgrass by itself. However, we found using the Green Star produced more wheatgrass foam and less juice.

    So, we purchased the “Back to Basics Model SJ-27” with a wheatgrass kit from www.wheatgrasskits.com. It attaches to our kitchen counter and is manual. We hand crank our wheatgrass. But the key thing is we receive all wheatgrass juice now! No more foam! Yee-pee!!!

    Raw Guru also carries the “Back to Basic” wheatgrass juicer. You will find it in the store section under more.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Thanks simplyraw!!

  • I have had problems with night blindness in the past. Recently I have noticed, that it’s gone. I eat a lot of flax seeds and carrots. Maybe it’s helping. I did not see an improvement until I had been eating high raw for about three months.

    I dont know if diet will help change shortsightedness or astigmatism though, as those are based on the shape of the eye.

  • you know how you go to the eye doctor every couple of years and usually your prescription gets a bit worse as you get older? after eating a vegan diet for just 6 months, went to the eye doctor and there was no change. so, maybe now that i’m raw i can get even better eye sight! i’ve been wearing glasses since i was two and contacts since age 12.

  • Karli – you’re totally right, and I know that too from experience. The more you wear your glasses (and contacts) the more your eyes rely on them and then the worse you see when you take them off. I’ve had glasses since I was 5, but until I was 23 I rarely ever wore them (sooo uncool!!) and my eye prescription barely changed all those years. Then I got a job at the bank with computers in front of me 24/7. I started wearing my glasses everyday (simply for glare reduction) and before long I was totally dependant on them. I now even wear them for housework! :-(

    I think the key really is a program of eye exercises and those nutrient rich foods – to strengthen and improve that muscle ability again. I’m sure a raw diet (particularly one rich in flax, carrots, etc) helps, just like it does with the rest of our body. But exercise as well – it’s crucial!

  • My brother got rid of his glasses only by doing Edgar Cayce’s “head and neck exercises”. At this time he was pretty much living off of hamburger helper and McDonalds, so with raw and eye exercises you should be able most damage should eventually be able to be reversed

    I think the herb eyebright is also supposed to help. It can’t hurt anyways.

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