Raw Coaching Special Emotional Eating Support Package!

Hello all,

I LOVE working with raw foodists that have emotional eating challenges because that was a HUGE hurdle for me to have to overcome when I first went raw. I’ve decided to offer a special designed to help raw foodists address their emotional eating issues.

Emotional eating can run the gamut from simply engaging in eating on autopilot a little too often to never being able to stick with your health and eating goals due to the intense emotional attachments to food that so many of us have developed over the years.

I’m offering a special reduced weekly coaching rate and more intensive support in this package. The package includes four one hour weekly phone sessions, two follow up/motivational emails per weeks and as needed quick intervention/assistance calls during the week between sessions. The monthly rate for this package will be only $225 per month for the first ten people to sign up for it.

You CAN learn to:

Deal with “trigger” situations Deal with stress without giving into addictive urges to eat Learn to feel and process emotions in a non-threatening way-thus reducing the need to “eat them away” Get used to feeling lighter and less emotionally numb on raw food Avoid giving into junk food and cooked food cravings Gracefully say “No” to unsupportive family and friends and “food pushers”—Including yourself!

Take control of your life and develop the natural, balanced, healthy relationship to food that you’ve always dreamed of while staying raw!!!

Blessings and abundant health!



  • Hello all,

    I’m still offering this package. Take control of your eating now and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of being raw! :-)

    Many blessings,


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