Help for ideas on snacks to keep around?

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Hi everyone, my mom just suddenly decided that we weren’t going to eat nay dehydrated food anymore (I could eat small amounts when I get a better dehydrator). Dehydrated food made up alot of my diet, so could you help me figure out some cool snacks to keep around in bulk that aren’t dehydrated? I know that “snacks” are really dried things to crunch and munch on, but I know the kind members of Gone Raw could help me with this one. Nut butter are out of the question for the short term, but ice creams, nut milks, fruit creations, or anything either sweet or not sweet would be great. I do eat alot of salad and fruit, but sometimes you get sick of eating that stuff ALL the time.

Thanks so much everyone for any help. :)



  • I’m going to assume dehydrated fruit is out too, so..

    Straight up frozen bananas blended with chunks of fresh or other frozen fruit stirred in is really good.. i stir in the other fruit separately to keep some chunks. i like to chew. You could add other stuff too- my friend and I used to make ‘garbage ice cream’ and go crazy- adding all sorts of raw goodies.

    I like fruit salads with lots of color. You could add flax, nuts/seeds etc.. I used to eat fantastic fruit salads for breakfast. I would add dried coconut but that probably counts as dehydrated.

    Brazil nut and Macadamia nut milk are both DELICIOUS when sweetened with agave. mmmm..

    What about random fruit pies and stuff?

    trail mixes without dried fruit? [somehow?]

    Maybe some of my ramblings will spark some ideas. :)

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I love the German Chocolate ice cream recipe on this website!

    My personal favorite snack is cacao nibs with goji berries. If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably needs more a lot more gojis than cacao nibs. Hemp seeds, Artisana Coconut Butter, and/or agave work well with the nibs and gojis, too.

    I don’t do nut mylks much anymore, but my former favorites were chocolate lemon or orange (with lemon or orange zest) nut mylk, any nut mylk with coconut water, and chocolate fig & fennel nut mylk. :)

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