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MSM & Seizures?

This link was posted on another thread and I was requested to post give it its own home. . .

I came across this when researching MSM after having read Pundee’s post about convulsions. It appears that MSM can cause seizures in rare cases. Although I haven’t been able to find the source of this study, or any subsequent information, but it is worth noting if you’ve recently added MSM to your diet and have been experiencing problems. http://www.green999.com/msm.htm


  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    WOW! So good to know. Thank you Raw_chocoholic!

  • ardesmond2ardesmond2 Raw Newbie

    Scary I remember I was going to the co-op to get some of that stuff and for some reason it just didn’t resonate with me. I always thought it was for joint pain or something to that affect. Good looking out Raw_CHOC

  • The reaction to MSM is due to the sulfur content, which is actually what makes it works so well! If you have had past reactions to garlic, sulfa drugs or wine with sulfites, you could react to MSM. I think the benefits of MSM are so powerful that it is good to not negate it out of hand. David Wolfe speaks of MSM as a powerful cleansing agent that should be taken daily. The sulfur component tends to clear out the “clams” as David calls them, nanobacteria that build up along meridian lines and cause stagnation. Try small amounts of MSM at a time to check for sensitivity. Because the sulfur is so clensing, it can cause detox reactions and that is hard sometimes to distinguish from a reaction to the MSM. Overall, it is a worthy superfood/daily cleansing supplement if you tolerated it well.

  • livefooddoctor, I actually didn’t intend for this to come across as a means to dissuade people from using MSM, but rather a resource for those who may be experiencing a reaction. Thank you for clarifying this though.

    I’ve seen David’s videos on MSM. They’re also posted on youtube and worth checking out.

  • I see whatcha mean, Raw Choco. Great post. Many people wouldn’t know there might be reactions. I will check out that YouTube video. Didn’t know about it. Saw that at his lecture. Thanks!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Thanks for this post. Seizures run in my family, although I’m not really prone (only had two). I’ve started on MSM so I’ll be on the lookout. I’ll tell my twin who’s more prone than me. I’m also really sensitive to wine (such a shame living in Italy!!), but I don’t know if it’s the sulfites or the alcohol.

  • JDJD

    Raw_Chocoholic Thanks for the post!!!

  • Raw Chocoholic- I have a quite a history with seizures in my past and been on both extremes in the past treatment wise. And since being raw and adopting uropathy and further cleansing-its all a thing of the past. With that said- in all my research- I have never known and/or heard MSM to be on caution about with seizures. Perhaps the MSM you took was not completely pure (ie had filling ingredients to which you’re allergic too). Prior to my journey on the raw- no practioner ever thought to connect the emotional component to causing seizures- and yet- in my case- it seemed more than coincidental the few “reoccurences” I had were taking place around difficult emotional situations (transition and friends/family). Louis L. Hay in her book Heal your body points out that the probable cause of seizures are “Running away from the family, from the self, or from life.” And adopting a new thought pattern of “I am home in the universe. I am at peace everywhere. I trust Life.” can aid if not prevent seizures from evolving. Additionally Arnold Ehret points out seizures are a result of the body being intensly constipated- and if your body is not effectively evacuating its going to look at other avenues and possible enter the bloodstream to compensate.

  • JDJD

    Orgfoodaddict, this post was in reference to something that happened to me. Yes, the MSM was pure. You can find the original post in this forum under Convulsions…NOT GOOD!

  • orgfoodaddict, that’s a very interesting story. I think there should be much more research into the connection between disease and emotional states, feelings, or life traumas. In fact, this would probably be a great subject/thread on it’s own.

  • Hi Pundee- Okay I just read your original posting- and now read the article attached as a link. Now that I read exactly what happened to you- its makes sense it was an allergic reaction since there the doctor you saw viewed no abnormalities in the brain waves (as is the case in seizure disorders however the “reoccurences” I was telling you about that happened to me showed no abnormalities when I underwent an EEG as they had before in the past). I appreciate you bringing to people’s attention like myself that MSM has the possible of reacting with some sensitive individuals. I personally get extremely constipated and bloated with MSM so.

  • bahamasbahamas Raw Newbie

    Hi  It sounds like from what the  livefooddoctor 

    That those who have epilepsy the and our allergic to garlic and sulfites should not take MSM is that correct ???

    This is what the livefooddoctor said - "The reaction to MSM is due to the sulfur content, which is actually what makes it works so well! If you have had past reactions to garlic, sulfa drugs or wine with sulfites, you could react to MSM. "


    Thanks Craig


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Oh yikes. Good to know about the potential for a reaction. 

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