Raw soup

I have just tonight made my first raw soup and it is gorgeous! What a shame I hadnt tried it out earlier

Made it with

3 handfulls spinich (frozen from fresh 2 days ago) 10 cherry tomato 2 cups water 1 rough handfull of nut mixture (all favourite nuts) 1.5 raw chilli Garlic Sesame Oil 2 generous spoons of -“Curry paste” -Various Curry spices/mixture of things I have been preserving in jar(chilli, pepper,garlic,oil,vanilla,cinammon)

This is delicious

Sure theres lots of other wonderful variations (hope this is the right sections)

Its nice just to sit and eat something wholesome, filling and that feels like a “proper” meal

Anyways hope this is the correct section!


  • raw dancer.. that sounds so good and its something I can try eventhough I am in an area with limited exotic fruit and veg. I will make it tomorrow night. I usually make soups in the evening b/c I feel like eating something soothing and soft in the evening. Check out the recipe section in this site it is awesome. peace :) deasmiles

  • Welcome to Gone Raw, rawdancer! You can post short recipe ideas in the forums here if you want to, but the best place by far to put them is in the Recipes section. Be sure to check it out, add some of your own creations, and add some “tags” to help everyone find them!

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