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Food smuggling!

ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

I’m coming to the USA from UK soon and I was wondering if it is legal to bring food with me. I want to bring some dehydrated food like flax crackers, some kale salad, maybe some apple pie with me on the plane, the flight is 18 hours and there won’t be anything I can eat during it (the best they can do is cooked vegan)..will ‘they’ let me take food on the plane? I’m going to be camping and it would be nice to bring some stuff to eat during the week with me, if I hid some food in my suitcase that goes in the airplane hold, would that be a bad thing to do – if I got caught???


  • Zoe,

    I believe you can bring stuff on the plane to eat but not in your suitcase. You cannot bring fruit or any other non prepackaged food into the US it will be “sniffed” out by dogs and taken. Unfortunately fruit can carry parasites and bringing it into another country is not allowed.

    I am traveling to Europe in September (Paris, Rome and London) and found out that we could ship packaged cheese home, but not other food.

    Perhaps you could get some pre packaged raw foods to take with you? Have you hear of Lara bars? They are raw and when you are in a pinch will keep you fed.

  • Zoe,

    I have got the same problem! I thought that was possible to bring liquid (in 100ml bottles size) and solid food in the cabin. I’ve purchased few 100ml containers which should be hold in a transaprent plastic bag zip-top or re-sealable that does not exceed 20 cm x 20cm (8 inches x 8 inches). Some information are available on airline websites. I was thinking too to bring some crackers, cookies, but also dates, fruit & salad. I though that providing the fruit & veg were eaten before landing to the US would have been OK.

  • fuzzyfacefuzzyface Raw Newbie

    it may sounds strange but be very careful travelling with food into the US. i have spent my fair share of time travelling into and around the US and can say first hand that the immigration/customs folks can be very rigid on transporting food. i would suggest doing an online search prior to your departure to confirm what can and cannot be brought onboard and or shipped.

    beyond that, stores such as whole foods should have some food options for you. here are a few links to get you started: http://www.vegetarianusa.com/city/SanDiego.html http://www.happycow.net/north_america/usa/calif…

  • Fuzzyface, Thank you for your advice – I will definetely do some search.

    I know happy cow web and I have also found the following web for San Diego


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I would call the airline directly. It is my understanding that they legally have to accomodate food allergies, and other health “issues” for long flights. When I called, I would explain that you “can’t” eat cooked foods, and ask that they prepare a plate(s) of uncooked veggies and fruit for you. Or, if they can’t do that, give permission to bring your own food as long as it is consumed before you land in the U.S. I don’t know if it will work, but is certainly worth a try!

  • Just found this link


    No mention to fruit!! (only canned 3oz size!!)

  • Zoe,

    I agree with Fuzzy face, be very careful what you bring. I never thought about telling the airline you have food allergies what a good idea…. I read somewhere recently a post somewhere by this woman who said she uses long fasts as an opportunity to fast. I am coming bome to the US in late May early June and I plan on fasting. Good luck with this :)

  • Bringing any kind of fresh food into the US is a big no no. Processed food are often allowed. I bring bananas on flights and usually eat them all before landing. If you only have about 6 to 8 the airline normally won’t bother you.

    I don’t know which airline you are using but I will be flying with United later this year and they have the selection of fruit plate as one of their special meals.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I’ll call the airline and ask them what to do. Guess I won’t risk packing my supplies in my suitcase after all, you all just saved me a nightmare at customs thanks everyone! ;)

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