Still Figuring Things Out

Hi everyone, I’m Jenni, I’m new. I’m transitioning to a mostly raw diet. I have a lot of weight (like 150 pounds) that I’d like to lose, but mostly I’m trying to get healthy to conceive my first pregnancy.

I’ve been mostly raw today, but I did have coffee with soymilk this morning. This will be hard to give up, so I’m going to taper down gradually.

I don’t have a dehydrator or a vitamix. I have a decent blender and the normal kitchen stuff.

I’ve tried a few recipes from this site, and I really like the way I’m feeling after being only partially raw. I appreciate any tips or words of wisdom.


  • my advice is take it one day at a time and have fun! find the raw foods that make your toes curl with glee! i’m totally serious, you gotta love and enjoy what you eat, right? best of luck to you!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Set little goals for yourself – in terms of food prep. Learn 2 new, simple recipes a week for 3 months. Start eating a certain percent raw, and stick to it for 3 months. Then eat an additional 10 percent raw for the following 3 months, etc. Meanwhile, keep trying new recipes. By the end of 6 months, you might be ready to eat mostly raw every day, and you’ll know 64 new recipes! (worked for me! this is week 4 99% raw, after the transition I described above)

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    You might like Angela Stokes website, I find her story very inspiring. Keep checking in here and you’ll find support and plenty of recipes. I have actually found a Vitamix to be essential since green smoothies are important to me. On that subject, Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko is really helpful with very simple recipes and lots of health information. Keep us posted!

  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate your input. I like the idea about gradually amping it up, and 2 new recipes a week. This week they were RAWvocado soup and walnut taco “meat”, both posted by you kind people here. Tomorrow night I’m going to try some kind of thai salad/pad thai thing. I don’t have a spiral slicer, but I’ll slice some cucumber thinly. I’ll post the results if they’re good.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    A mandolin or a potato peeler works fine for slicing thin. Good Luck!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    healthymonster: I like the Irish Macaffee recipe on this website as a coffee/cappucino substitute. This recipe uses maca and cacao to get that coffee-like flavor.

    Also, roasted maca is not raw, but a lot of people seem to like it as a coffee substitute. Maybe you can use this as a way to transition to raw. :)

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