How d'you make sprouts taste good?

ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

I have not been eating many sprouts at all because I only like the taste of cress, so I have been ignoring them. But now I feel drawn to eating them more, I bought a pack of the most popular seeds for sprouting that I see in all the health food shops, dusted off a proper real sprouter that someone left here once after a Pot Luck and sprouted them, but they just taste gross, really, really gross…I think there’s a very raw beany taste which is just nasty.

But I feel like trying until I can get them tasting good enough to eat. So what sprouts do you find most tasty, and if you’re like me and you hate the taste of them, how do you disguise them and make them delicious?


  • Yep ZOe I know what you mean , I just sprouted some CHICKPEAS last week :@ barf is all’s I can say they are on staycation which means the rest will stay in the pantry until I can figure out what to do with them, maybe use them for my daughters many art projects. I would try mung beans after you sprout them make a really nice dressing and marinate them in there for an hour i.e ( agave,olive oil,lime,turmeric)

    Hope this help, I have missed you where have you been lately.

  • I love buckwheat, barely, pea, alfalfa and lentil sprouts. I just sprouted some quinoa yesterday and made it into the tabouleh recipe from this site and it was super delicious! maybe you could put it in pates or raw soups. If I have excess sprouts to use up I always do that!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I guess you could always put it into your green smoothies, if you want the health benefits w/o having to deal with taste! :)

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