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ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

Just wanted to mention that our next PotLuck is on the 19th April. This month we will be having a chat about getting organised… We’re all big dreamers, and we when we get together each month wonderful plans are talked about. So this month is all about putting it into practice, and getting some of our ideas off the ground, lets’ make our dreams come true. Please come and join us, even if you’re coming on your own and can only bring a stick of celery. Everyone’s Welcome! Details here: http://purelyraw.com/potluck.htm


  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    Hi Zoe,

    I hope to attend this potluck with some non-raw friends. I will email you to confirm in the next few days.

    I have wanted to attend for a few months now but always have something else on the same night.

    I live in Liverpool and was considering starting a raw community here as I feel quite isolated at times, being the only raw foodist I know. I’m looking forward to meeting other people who experience what I experience.

    I’m also looking forward to my friends meeting some some experienced raw foodists. Sometimes I can’t get my words out the way I’d like to and find it difficult to express how I’m feeling and how raw has changed me.

    Deb x

  • ohhzoe… and deb, i’ll be there!

  • Hi there, Zoe – I’d love to come to the potluck, especially since I missed the last one. However, I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it due to various unforseen bitchinesses of life/uni… I guess it will be a last-minute decision on Friday evening, depending how far I get with my (due) work… :/ Cheerydeb – HEYO, I’m in Liverpool too. If you feel rawly-lonely and if you like we could meet some time… :) Would be great to meet you at the potluck… Well, have to get back to my essay now in order to increase future potluck-attending chances! ;) Love, Evi

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    Alisonwonderful – It will be great to meet you! x

    Evi- I feel your uni work pain! I’ve had an essay, 4 practical write ups and 2 tests to revise for this week. I have no life at the moment! What area of Liverpool are you in? x

  • Ohhh my, oh my, yeah, uni is hell at the moment! Actually, it doesn’t look too good right now, as for me attending the potluck this weekend ;__; booohooo Although, let’s see (I’ll need to write my dissertation within 2 days, Saturday and Sunday – deadline is Monday… and too much else for until then!)... I’m living quite close to uni, practically in between the hospital and lidl ;) And you? I wish you all the best (and a LIFE soon to come ;) hehe) for your work and hope to meet you on Saturday! PS: Anybody heard from Lee since January??

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Ha I used to live in Liverpool too, for 8 years! There’s evi and Carol and maybe a few others coming up to our from there. I even invited the non raw girl who runs www.scouseveg.com but not sure if she’ll come. There is such a huge vegan community in Liverpool, I really want to bring raw to them, we keep missing the liverpool vegan fayre, we really want to take our food. We went one year and it was do dire, the food was the most henious fake vegan crap ever. I know they’d go crazy over our raw food.

    Really, really looking forward to meeting you all, can’t wait!!!

    You’d better come Evi, I have a whole bag of carob pods we can munch on all might, you are right they are totally delicious ;()

    Not heard a peep out of lee, I’ll email him.

  • I’m hoping to be there, although I have to work till 6 in Bradford – boohoo! Zoe do you mind if I turn up late again?? Sorry, rude me!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    course not Katy, you come whenever you like, we’re just delighted that you’re coming ;)

  • Change of plan, may not be able to make it after all…. having some family issues….. I do hope to be there because it was great fun but if i don’t turn up you know why!


  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    Unfortunately I can’t make it now =( The friend I was going with can’t make it.

    Hopefully next month.

    Have lots of fun x

  • Hola a todos! A little desperate last minute call: Anybody from Liverpool or around going to the bestestexstatirawsomewonderfullest ever monthly raw potluck tomorrow, Saturday? And… just coincidentally still looking for an appropriate charming lovely young companion/passenger for the otherwise boring road trip?? :D

    (@Zoe: Sorry, tried my best but couldn’t get the wilderness tamer/living lawn-mower for your garden… although I would bravely sacrifice myself as proxy provided I find my way to your beautiful home… just doesn’t look to promising yet :/ )

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