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Mono Meals

I have been trying to get more ideas of mono meals I can use for 3-5 day periods. So far have tried organic banana’s and grapes for these purposes and have really helped when I have had any minor stomach issues (recovering crohns).

Any other fruits that are good and super soothing for mono meals/feasting for a few days??

Much as I love banana’s..lol get some funny looks..under my desk there is a crate!!

Any ideas would be most welcome

Thank you


  • Hi rawdancer,

    Apples are good for mono meals, as are melons all types. I have eaten apples for lunch at times, or had an entire melon at dinner. Easy to digest, soothing, comforting fruit. What’s not to love? Have a great day :) deasmiles

  • Cheers for that is going to be apples this week, I have no more room for anymore..so I think I have enough now!

    Thanks :)

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    You can cut the apples and blend it and make an apple sauce.I make apple+ pear sauce all the time ,and also apple+banana sauce,or the best one is avocado+banana sauce. You can pour some flax seed and walnuts and that looks like a fruit-oat meal.

  • Thanks for the idea, may make it for friends.. I try not to have more than one thing at a time at the moment, keeping it simple.

    Finally got a remission from my crohns after a long time want to keep it that way :)

  • Bananas, apples, pears, cantaloupe, strawberries.


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