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hearts of palm

Are hearts of palm (which come in a can) raw? I love them and have been craving them like mad. I’ve been having trouble finding any real nutritional info on them, but my market does sell organic ones. I’m sure they are a bit high in sodium, like all other canned goods.


  • To the best of my knowledge, just about everything canned is pasteurized. Sorry… Funny that you brought H of P up because I just bought a jar myself (not raw) and had them. I am not 100%

  • Yeah, last I knew canned items are not raw.

  • I love hearts of palm. Any idea on how to find raw ones?

  • Oh boy, do I love hearts of palm. I used to eat them by the jarful before going raw. I don’t think it’s possible to eat them without cooking them, though. I miss ‘em!

  • Damn! Guess i need to stop popping them open, dipping them in olive oil and s&p, and eating the entire can in one sitting… on a healthier front, i’ve also been craving and indulging in watercress salads (usually watercress, some lemon, olive oil, s&P, and tomatoes or avocado) like a fiend lately.

  • Glad to know I’m not the only one with a passion for HOP!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Oh man I love hearts of palm! But if you think about it, it’s pretty neutral. just a cooked vegetable. I eat them by the can too! Usually I eat 2 cans. lol Though I did find them a little hard to digest. Yes, of course the ones in the can are pasteurized, and I’m not sure that they really would taste good raw.

  • tdgtdg Raw Newbie

    Ok, stupid question…. what is Heart of Palm? What does it taste like? How do you use it? I have seen it in the cans at the store but never knew what it was or what to do with it.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    it’s very soft, salty, and slightly tangy. did that do them justice?

    you can just eat them, or slice them up and put them on top of salad. but yeah, i’m not sure how they would taste raw (or if they are even edible raw).

    i guess jars would be preferable to canned, since no metal contamination.

  • Yes, pianissima, the jarred ones are preferable. We used to get them at Costco and I would stock up. I was proud of myself the last time we went—walked past ‘em and didn’t put them in the cart. Though now that we’re talking about it again, I really want them! I may not be as strong on my next trip to the mega warehouse.

  • I actually just had hearts of palm for the first time Saturday! It was in a salad at one of Nordstrom’s in-store restaurants (I was shopping). It was really good, although I thought at first they had left cheese in my salad!! That’s sort of what it tastes like… (I’m not 100% raw, but pretty damn close.)

  • I am looking to see if I can find raw hearts of palm and found this website: http://www.dekingofhearts.com/home.html I will have to email them and make sure that fresh really does mean raw. Would be nice!

  • davemdavem Raw Newbie

    I've read elsewhere on Google, yes, they can be eaten raw.  Thing to do obviously, is to find a raw source and try it for yourself.

  • donnahanleydonnahanley Raw Newbie
    I saw on the show Naked And Afraid..they ate it raw straight from the palm tree...it really happened .
  • harpmomharpmom Raw Newbie

    If you have a Trader Joe's they sell HOP "rounds" in a little pouch. No jar or can. Not sure how raw they are, though.

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