"raw greens"

today my mom purchased this supplement for me called “raw greens”, looks great, all good ingredients etc. however i’m a little sketched out because i went on their website and it says “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.” is this unrelated or…? does anybody have experience with this supplement? its by the company saeng-shik. thanks!


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    I was trying to find a picture of it or something to see if ive ever seen before…anyway is this it http://astronutrition.com/images/raw_greens.png

    Im thinking maybe not but if it is someone reviewed it on that website giving it 5 stars.

  • Looks like the company may have gone out of business. We were looking at carrying it a few months ago but our supplier said it wasn’t selling very well. I also noticed it was on sale recently in a local health food store at 50% off Liquidation?

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