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Here is an article discussing the science about how cancer works in the body. You don’t have to read it, but it helps to understand:…

Visualize an example you might relate to: if we stop hauling away garbage from the city streets and dumpsters, we will soon develop a pest and vermin problem. If we provide them enough food to thrive on, they move in and multiply. The solution to the smell and infestation that is making your neighborhood unlivable is not chasing after the rats and flies, it is in removing the garbage. The lymphatic system is your body’s septic tank. It holds cellular effluent until the other eliminative organs can get rid of it. If the inflow of toxins exceeds the eliminative capacity, the septic tank starts becoming toxic. At some point it starts breaking down. The solution is two fold: stop the inflow of toxins and increase the eliminative capacity. Essentially we need to drain the swamp …


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    That was a good article. It was written in 1966 and he was right: millions would be destined to die unnecesarily.

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