Here we Go!

They paint such a pretty picture of why you and I need to do this. So it begins….

The following is an e-mail that we received…...

I regretfully send you this email to inform you of yet another plot to enslave the American people in an unconstitutional framework of databases under the guise of “security”. Recently Congressman Mark Kirk from Illinois 10th District introduced a bill to create a “Secure Social Security Card”. This new card is clearly a run around to the state’s opposition to Real ID and we must do all in our power to prevent it from becoming law.

FIRST: Watch this short video recorded at the town hall meeting where Congressman Kirk talks about the “Secure Social Security Card”:

SECOND: Review and comment on the in depth article about it here:

THIRD: Contact your congressman and instruct them to vote against HR 5405:

FORTH: Post this email on your blog, post it in forums, forward it to every member in your address book.

FIFTH: Track the status of HR 5405 at…

Unlike Real ID where the States can rise up and fight it independently, the “Secure Social Security Card” must be fought at the federal level by contacting our members of congress.

This is another attempt at connecting the American people into the international databases of the New World Order. They are failing with Real ID and are attempting to use the SS card as the bridge. They will only succeed if we let them and you need to take the steps help us defeat this plan before it takes root.

Listening to the footsteps of the revolution,

Gary Franchi National Director


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Simplyraw Great presentation, job well done!!! I viewed, read and then wrote my Representive Ben Chandler…

    Now if everyone will pay attention and STAND UP maybe we will be heard and put a stop to all this craziness of “one world order”!!! “Papers Please”??? I don’t think so!!!

  • Awesome!!!

    Happy to hear someone STAND UP! I love what you wrote.

  • Read it all, watched it, and contacted my Congressman! Thank you SimplyRaw, for the post and for providing the links to make it so easy for us all to respond to our own elected officials to stop this!! We are so kicking butt on all this bullsh*t! Their plans are going down!!!

  • Yeah – Going Down!!!

    (Humor is what gets me through. I love it!)

    Thanks – Aspire!!!

  • Hey SR- would you get a hold of me? My email is on my profile.

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