Seeds/Grains and Food Combining

I just got finished sprouting a bunch of grains(?) for several different recipes. I’m confused about the difference between grains and seeds, though. I try to follow food combining principles, since I feel better when I do. So, is buckwheat a grain or a seed? How about millet? Can I make Essene Bread out of kamut and eat it with Sunflower seed pate?


  • i think buckwheat and millet are seeds, and kamut is a grain, but i’m not sure at all. but i kind of think they all have grain like properties, which is what matters when you’re food combining. try the combo you want, then see how it makes you feel, i would think…

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    Buckwheat is a seed. Millet and kamut are grains.

  • Okay, but I have a recipe for a cookie that calls for millet and flax and I have no trouble digesting them at all (and I usually eat plenty of them at once). Then again, some food combining charts mix grains/seeds. I also just made some crackers with sprouted chickpeas and flax, but I’ve been scared to eat them (boy they smelled good!) because I don’t want to deal with the indegestion! I’m so confused…what exactly, is the definition of a grain vs seed vs legume? And does anyone really know what combines with what? I’ve seen so many different theories and charts. I can’t make sense…I guess I should just experiment with myself.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I’m not all that knowledgable about food combining, but it seems that from this perspective, you would need to look at the nutritional profile of the food. So buckwheat seems to have a nutritional profile of a grain, while peanuts, although classified as a legume, would have the nutritional profile of a nut or seed.

    Good luck on your experiments with food combining! I never follow it myself, since raw food comes with its own enzymes, and since many raw foods, like sprouts, bee pollen and soaked nut and seeds are predigested. :)

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