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Career Change, Financial Trouble and what do I do next?

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

OK guys- I desperately need some advice! I am honestly stuck!

I am at a “crossroads” and I am not sure what to do anymore (which is totally unlike me btw – I normally have a solution for EVERYTHING! I excel at it normally – must be the Virgo in me.:)).

So, basically, my bf and I just moved to Cali (which is something I have been dreaming about for oh about the last 10 years!) – things like money and job always kept me from getting here. Well, I am finally here as a friend helped us with moving expenses etc. But to make a long story short, we got here at the beginning of this past Feb. and than a few weeks later the recession hits. So, now, we are really scrounging. We can’t find jobs and the project my bf was counting isn’t getting the money promised.

Anyhow, I have never in my life had trouble getting a job before like I am now.ANd it is really killing my self-esteem. I worked really hard about 4 years ago to change to IT and I was finally making good money and climbing myself out of debt (I hardly made any money in my previous career) But now, as some of you might know, lots more of IT is getting outsourced overseas (I won’t get into that but it makes me mad). The jobs that are available are higher level and I don’t qualify.(I still apply but of course I hear nothing)

I have had about four different careers in my life so far and I swore I would never switch again but I can’t even stand IT anymore because of the competition and now with the recession it is even worse. To do a recap on my life, I have had about four major careers: cosmetologist, medical records, zookeeper and IT.

And yes, I have thought about going back to these. The animal jobs are few and far between even though I qualify for them but they hardly pay enough (the reason I was in debt the first time). Probably out of all those jobs that is closet to my true calling.

So, I really want to do the raw/hair business thing as some of you who have read my other thread do know but that is going to take a while and some start up money which I don’t have right now. Honestly, i don’t even have the money to buy supplies and certainity don’t have the money to apply for a permit or whatever else I will need.

Right now, we don’t have a car either which is making it even harder to job search because the public transport out here isn’t the greatest(we had a car when we got out here but it went to bust). I was going to do dog walking and pet sitting as a temp thing but can’t do that without a car! So, that was my original backup plan which I can’t implement.

I feel like I am back to when I was 20 and didn’t have a car and had to take buses all over the place. Today, I went to Whole Foods go to shopping and could hardly carry all the stuff home with me back on the bus. Ugh!

I guess I feel like everytime I take one step forward that I get knocked two steps back lately. The only way I am going to be able to pay my bills this month is to break into my 401K (I know, I know people say not to do it but what good is it if I can’t use the the money when I really need it? Right now, I honestly do not have a choice – I know people are doing it with the housing crisis – is it really such a bad thing to do? I would rather give up my precious 401k than not be able to pay my bills).

This the first time in my life where I can’t think of a way out of a problem like this. I normally always have some sort of backup idea for things. Like backup money to pay bills if I am financially strapped (btw, I DID have a savings but that is gone too).

Another thing that depresses me is that I was finally getting out of debt when I had a great IT job for 4 years (fyi I got laid off) – I had money in my savings and everything which I never had before) and now I feel like I am back to square one financially.

Believe me, I rack my brains day and night to try to come up with some way to make money just to pay the bills. I have sold stuff in my house (only a few thing people don’t seem to be wanting to spend money lately!) that I don’t need, already used my tax refund which wasn’t much, moved my credit card balances around to a low interest one, my bf has borrowed money from his mom and his friend (we can’t borrow anymore – I can’t ask my parents either). So, now, I going to have to start to sell things that will fetch a decent price but I really don’t want to sell. :(

Anyhow, I think I need to do a career change AGAIN - but have no idea how I would pay for any training or where what to do. I kinda of thought about trying massage therapy. Does anyknow what training that entails and what the cost is? how much do they typically make> I have a Bachelors. I want to do something in an area that doesn’t have as much competition for jobs but pays decent – something that can’t be outsourced overseas too! I was reading that the most secure jobs now are in healthcare.

Anyhow, sorry this is so long, thanks for reading. I will really appreciate any advice or stories you guys can give me. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this except for my bf I don’t have any friends out here. (can’t talk to the parents about money – oh no way!) I just honestly don’t know what to do anymore – I feel like there is a wall in front of me and I don’t know how to get around it. What should I do?


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Queenfluff, sorry about your problem.I have a friend that is an animal(dog,cat,fish…) sitter and the job is going very well.She really likes it. Also,why don’t you talk with Matt Monarch from (www.rawfoodworld.com) about your raw hair products?Maybe he could help you.

    PS)Your hair looks great !!!!

  • this is an idea me and my husband are considering to make a little extra $. if your house is big enough, get a room mate.. that could be tricky and quite a commitment and there is lots of room for conflict but depending on the area you live in (what rent might be) you might be able to make some extra cash..

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie


    I shoulda known you were a virgo. Me too. Ditto with the career changes. Its that constant virgoean quest to improve. Arg! Okay. Back to your dillema. You are def in a rough spot. BUT you have a bunch of marketable skills and clearly a lot of adaptablity. You could use any of your skills temporarily to get yourself some steady income while you rethink your game plan. Could whole foods use someone knowledgable about raw cosmetics/hair products on their staff? You love your Dehydrator. Could you offer small dehydrating classes? Or make dehydrated food for people? ( Even have them buy the food up front as part of the cost so you do not have to front the $$$?)

    Healthcare services are booming and will continue to do so with the aging boomer population. Is that a group you could work with?

    Good Luck. It will get better!!!!!!

  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie

    Have you tried a temp service? I know the jobs and pay aren’t the best, but maybe it would be enough to carry you through until you decide on something better. My boyfriend went through an agency and got an assignment walking distance from us, so the lack of public transportation wasn’t an issue.(We’re in Orange County, CA which equals zero public transpo.)

    I know how tough it is to do this without a car, and I’m sorry you guys are struggling. Substitute teaching is an option (about $100/day). You just have to pass a pretty easy test, but then you need to be able to get to your assigments.

    Don’t know about licensing and such, but can you do hair/make-up on the side?

    All just short-term ideas.Good luck. Something will work out for you guys!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    queenfluff, best of luck!! this is hard stuff. I don’t have any ideas, other than to downgrade lifestyles and live on minimum wage for a while until you find a career type job. i don’t know if it’s possible in california. oh, waitressing/bartending brought in good money when i did it. i didn’t need any skills, either. really best of luck with everything.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hey All!

    Thanks for all the great comments so far! I definately appreciate them. Yeah, my situation is tough right now. I know that if I can’t figure away out of a problem – it is definatley a tough one because I normally so good at that!

    Lucy – I would really love to do the pet sitting thing since I have alot of animal experience (that was my fall back plan when we moved here actually) The thing is we thought we were going to have a car to use – the car in question ended up having a bunch of problems with and when we brought it to the mechanics they said it was a hazard to drive and they refused to fix it. It my our friends car and he didn’t want it anymore. It was a free car so to speak but it really dampened our plans when it turned out that it needed to be trashed (it did make the trip from Milwaukee to Cali and in some snow too so at least it got us out here!). We borrowed another friends car for a few weeks but she decided she wants to sell it now (she wasn’t using it before) and so no car anymore. Thanks for the Matt Monarch idea. The thing is I don’t have a permit/license to make any of this stuff – I mean, I would make it in my home but I don’t think I am legal to sell it. I am pretty sure I need a permit. Thanks for the hair compliment!

    loveskale – I am in an apartment and not a house. A one bedroom which I share with my bf. Not enough space in here for us and three kitties much less a roommate. Thanks for the advice though! We have a lease but if worse comes to worse – we might try to get out of it and live some where cheaper. When we first moved here, we had a cheap place set up and it fell through so we had to find some place quick as I was spending too much money on hotels with three kitties staying in them!

    Marichiesa- Yeah! a fellow Virgo! You know how I feel then right? Yeah, I am a pretty typical Virgo in most ways. My rising sign is Scorpio though so I guess I have some of that in me too. Yeah, when I can’t be out there improving things it drives me crazy – I get depressed. I have actually noticed that I tend to get “bored” of the same career after a few years (does that sound familiar? A Virgo thing?) except for my last career change from zoo to IT ( I mostly did that for the money). I do like working on computers and I like the pay involved but I don’t like all the competition that goes with it. Yeah, I am rethinking my game plan. I am definately starting to feel like I don’t want to be in IT anymore (maybe do sites for friends on the side). I actually do have a Whole Foods in bus distance from me but I don’t think they were hiring in the Whole Body section. I did think of that. I might go apply anyhow. (once I get a job I plan on getting a car ASAP)- I did notice that one of the other Whole Foods near me had an opening in the Body section but I think it required alot of customer service experience which I don’t really have (at least not current – it like from 20 years ago!).

    I like the dehydrator idea too but I think I have to be certified/licensed to teach a class ? – I’ll look into it but honesty, I am shy with new people so not really a great public speaker. I know I got really sick of working with the public when I did hair – maybe in a more private setting I would think about some sort of alternative therapy or something like that – beauty, herbs or nutrition. I don’t think going back to school with a loan is a good idea of me right now (I didn’t even finish my masters because I can’t pay the tuition anymore – it was in Information Systems – I am not going to finish it). Thanks so much for your support! You gave me some great ideas!

    rediscoverrawfood – Actually yes I did. I did work for a temp service about 4 years ago but it was back when I was living in Chicago. I apply with the same service out here and they had nothing I qualify for. Pretty disappointing! I dont mind working for a temp service – I actually like the idea of it being temp so just to make some dough but there wasn’t anything. Yeah, Orange County has worse public transportation than where I am at (santa clara county). There is a pretty great bus line I walk to but they don’t have transfers! It is 1.75 both ways! So, even if I go for an half hour – the bus is still 3.50. I am used to the Chicago public trans which is so great – you can transfer all over the place! I finally got my bike fixed so I will be using that more often – doesn’t help with tons of heavy groceries though.

    I never thought about the substitute teaching – not sure if I would be good at that. It is an idea though. For the hair thingy, I would have to take a bunch of continuing education class and there are fees to get your license renewed. It has been so long since I did mine – I don’t know if my degree might not even be valid anymore! When you do hair, every year you have to take a class that meets some sort of requirement in order to renew your license and they are not free either. It costs several hundred to do it. (it is probably more now!) Thanks for your advice!

    Winona – Yeah, that is pretty much what we are trying to do. It hard though because I have a lot of credit card debt from before (and when you have no cash and have to eat – out comes that credit card!) and I am trying to pay that off so I need to be making more. I have never been a waitress before – I did look at a few jobs but lots of them wanted waitressing experience. I have worked in food before (not GOOD food though – icky fast food type stuff) but it was like 20 years ago. If I could find something like that that didn’t require any previous experience I could definatley go for all those tips! (when I did hair, I lived off my tips practically!) My bf is really picky – he doesn’t want to work anywhere where they have meat or dairy – so it frustrating for me because he so picky about he will apply for (I don’t think he has been apply for anything but he won’t admit it to me) and he is expecting to get jobs through his friends out here – that is not working out either! Ugh! So frustrating for me. :( Thanks so much for your tips though! I might try the waitress thing if I think I can make good money at it. (it doesn’t really bother me to work around meat – I used to it at the zoo and I was a vegetarian than too!).

    One thing I am thinking about doing is taking a loan out of my 401K to pay down my credit cards and some extra for rent and stuff. I have been reading online and people say this a good idea (to pay off the cards with the 401K money). This is more for immediate needs like bills coming up and rent for May – not for long term. But it would help to get rid of my one huge credit card that I hate (i hate the company too – i have been a perfect customer for 20 years and they won’t lower my interest rate and it is high!) Has anyone done this before?

    Thanks again for the advice so far you guys – you made me feel so much better! I have been so down because of this.

  • susannabellajanesusannabellajane Raw Newbie

    Dear Queenfluff:

    Hey girl…I’ve been there! Life can be scary when you can’t see around the next corner. If there is any consolation to be had, I can testify that every one of my scary changes led to something so much better in the end, but still I know that panicked feeling.

    If I were you I would consolidate all high credit card balances into one low(er) payment, borrow against the 401 to keep yourself afloat, and then make it your job to get a job. In the past, when I’ve been new in a town, I get a basic resume and business cards together, get dressed up and then literally walk from door to door, asking about jobs. Ask everyone you meet if they know anyone who is hiring….tell people you want to work!! Practice being vivacious, full of energy, interested in everything and everyone you meet and you will make an impression. You could do this in near by office buildings, office parks, and you can also work the phones calling companies near you. You can look for a job on-line through www.careerbuilder.com and other sites where people list jobs, and also Craig’s list.

    When I was a new lawyer and my ex insisted we move where I knew no one, I went from law office to law office like I described above and within a week a secretary knew another legal assistant whose law firm was thinking about hiring and within a week I went from unemployed to having a corner window suite with a private balcony. And this when all my law school classmates were still looking for their first big job,,,and I was 40 years old and weighed about 300 at the time.

    Temp agencies have a million jobs, where you babysit phones, do some writing, some research…..just say yes to everything that is close by. :) Substitute teaching requires some forms, but since there is such a crush of students the subs I’ve known got all the work they wanted. And employment agencies have all kinds of jobs, and believe me they will help you get a job, but just make sure you are not paying one red cent out of your own pocket….and don’t sign any contracts that require you to re-pay the employment fee if you leave the company in the first 6-12 months.

    You might hop through a few crap jobs at first but that is OK, because you can afford to quit if you’re not being paid at least $15 per hour in So. Cal and get another job. If you can find a groovy little day job that pays enough to keep you going then you can pursue your raw foods and hair products website in your ‘spare’ time. And lastly, you can walk your neighborhood with flyers for dog/cat/pet/sitting, housecleaning ( do a flat rate so you can get in and get out quickly with the cash), elder assistance, shopping (their car), gift buying, party planning, you name it. If you can get a few temp gigs like that coming in, you can buy time to look for your dream job.

    It is going to be more than alright. Remember the universe has everything you need…there is no scarcity of resources. And what an opportunity to explore your options! Just ‘act as if’ you have all the confidence and self-esteem in the world and you will be infinitely employable. Good luck to you….I look forward to your good fortune in the near future.

  • I didn’t read the other responses, so sorry if someone already thought of this, but what about combining the animal and hair experience and doing pet grooming? You could put up fliers in your neighborhood so it would be local and you could do it in their home (use their dog’s own shampoo etc?). And you could get them to let you bathe their dog weekly and charge them by the month, extra for walking them before the bath… I don’t know. I hope you’re doing alright.


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Definitely see if you could land yourself some pet sitting jobs! It’s easy and so many people HATE boarding their animals. I’ve done lots of pet sitting in the past and made some serious bucks off of it. I moved and never tried to get back into it, but I miss it sooooo much!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    susannabellejane – So sorry I missed your wonderful post and I didn’t respond sooner to say thanks for all the wonderful comments and support!

    Well, I have few options coming my way – helping with a harvest on my friends farm (I would have to move way up in the mountains which I am not too thrilled about but it would be money saving instead and i would make money under the table), the raw business (combine with something else) will be a possibility in about a year but not right now – we have several friends who are also interested in doing this and are good with the legal stuff so it will be a group effort but not for a while unfortunately).

    For immediate needs, I am going to have to take money out of my 401K (or IRA now) – I don’t really have any choice right now as there is no way I will have the money when I need it.

    I may get an interview for a high tech job but it will be a commute.

    I am planning to check out some of the local businesses in our little downtown area to see if they are hiring. The thing about the pet sitting is unless you work for someone else’s company I think you have to be “bonded” – sort of like a license I think – at least that is my understanding of it.

    glpippin – Actually, I did work at a dog groomers – way back in HS! (like 20 years ago!). I was an assistant and I shampoo and blow dryed all the dogs. It was fun! But in order to do any actual “grooming” (shaving, trimming, etc) you need to have a license. I learned that when I worked at the groomers. Doggie hair and human hair are kinda different. Not that I couldn’t do it but you do need a license. Cool idea though! I did see a few jobs in doggie grooming places but they were for experienced dog groomers (not assistants)

    coconutty – Thanks so much for the support! I would love to do the pet sitting but all of the places that are hiring pet sitters here require cars and I don’t have one. It really sucks! I thought about maybe putting up an ad on craigslist for just doing it myself and see if I get any responses but if the places are far from where I live it will be very difficult. I have my bike but it is hard to bike around here because of the traffic. Plus, I don’t have any prior pet sitting references and not working for a pet sitting company – it might be a little sticky.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    The fliers in your neighborhood are a good idea – for whatever – because no car needed. What about a backpack to carry groceries home in? I did that when I had a 3-year old and was riding the bus with groceries, so I had my hands free to keep hold of him. Also, how about just any (temp. or otherwise) job doing ANYTHING that will give you experience in customer service – that can open a lot of doors. Waitressing would give you that kind of experience, or anything else where you deal with people/the public. Also, for a lot of jobs you just need to have a bachelor’s degree, and they don’t care as much what the degree is in. Sorry I don’t know what to tell you about your bf – but any job is better than no job, unless you have to do something illegal. Maybe your determination and enthusiasm for moving forward wil help inspire him to move forward, too. The universe DOES have everything we need, but doesn’t often drop it in our laps with no effort on our part to find/achieve it. My opinion is that if it turns out that education is really what you need because you really can’t make anything else work, then a loan is justified to get you to a better/survivable place in life. That’s where I am right now.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Oh, I just saw your last post – harvest on a farm sooooo appeals to me! Anyway, I was thinking that even if you have to move, at least it is money for now, and then you might look for a cheaper place if you do decide to move back to your same area. It would also give you time to work out doing your own business and/or getting licenses and/or training so you’ll have more options. Sounds like you are getting more to think about – and maybe it will turn out better because of this experience!

  • If you’re just looking for something temporary waitressing is a good option as you can get quite a lot in tips. Also, it can give you good ideas on how to run a raw cafe if ever you want to take your business idea to that level.

    Since you’re in California, have you ever thought of doing hair or makeup for movies/tv? I know you said you’re pretty shy meeting new people, but the sets I’ve been on have been pretty relaxed in that area – not the same stress that someone will freak out if you don’t get their hair exactly they way they’d envisioned it.

    What sort of training did you have to do to become a zookeeper?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hi angie – Ok that would be a good idea. Maybe just do for local people? Cat visits, overnight pet sitting, maybe some doggie walking. As long as I can bike or walk there, it is doable. My bf is sort of bummed right now because the funding for his dehydrator thingy is not going to happen and he has to look for new investors – he said is going to post on the raw boards but he is such a procarsinator (sp?) that I have to badger him to do it. I think he is waiting for the easy way out. or he expects me to get the job. We have really good long term opportunities but nothing right now. I am getting money out of my 401K though so we won’t have to worry about money for rent and stuff but I don’t have millions in there soo…

    For the harvest that won’t actually happen until August so we shall see – yeah, it should be interesting so unless some else breaks through were we are at now we might do that. (we have la ease until beginning of August).

    RawChocohlic – Well, I might apply to work at this raw place – it is a bit of a commute but we shall see – it would be nice experience for me to get into the food arena of things.

    ha ha! It is ao funny you mention that about the hair and makeup for movies. The main reason I went to beauty school was because I wanted to find some way to get into the Hollywood scene – but not because I really wanted to do hair and makeup for the stars but because I wanted to meet Matt Dillon and marry him! (You may laugh!).I had a huge crush on him in HS.

    Honestly, no joke, that was my plan in high school. I wanted to go to college and take theater so I could become an actress and meet him that way and my parents said “You will never get a job doing that so we won’t help pay for it” (not like they help pay for much of my schooling in my life anyhow!) so a friend of mine was going to the local beauty school so I thought “Aha! I can do makeup for the stars and meet him that way”. So that was way I went in the beginning. And now I don’t even think he is that cute anymore!

    But anyhow, I am not into hair products and makeup anymore plus I am in Northern Cali not in LA. I would still have to go through the whole re-licensing thing which will be costly with all the continuing ed stuff I would have to take (you have to take that stuff every year to renew your hair license – the classes are several hundred dollars).

    For the zookeeping, I have a Bachelors degree in Animal Behavoir and in community college I took alot of field study classes having to do with birds, ecology, endangered species. I also volunteered at a cat shelter for a while and worked at one. I got the job at the zoo as a temp first making hardly nothing (minimum wage) and no benefits and people in my department left and I got into one of the perm spots. You really learn on the job when being a zookeeper. I think there are a few school that provide some training but it is really a thing you learn on the job.

    I am actually going to start doing some of my raw hair products this week. I will sell a few of them on a sort of “test trial” basis and see how it goes. If it goes well, I am going to look into getting the permits or whatever and than go from there. So, look out for a post for me about me selling some of my raw hair products. :) I hope you guys will be interested in trying them!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Procrastinator :)

    HAHAHA!!!!! That is funny about Matt Dillon :D Good luck in your ventures – that’s cool you’re looking into the hair products thing – I was thinking if you’re getting into the money anyway, why not use a little of it to get the licensing to do what you really want to do – or even a few of the things you have mentioned, so you have options? I was married to a man who waited for others to do things for him, or for things to be handed to him – so I feel for ya! Things will work out :) It sounds like you’re making them work out already, and the fact that your lease ends when the harvest job starts? Perfect timing if/when you are ready to do that! Definitely keep us posted about your products – what sort of products will they be? (Since you don’t use shampoo?)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hi Angie -

    The products will be natural hair products – like conditioners, rinses, creams and oils for hair and scalp and maybe some skin products too like hand creams, lip balms. It will all be edible so no bad chemicals or anything scary. I hope the products work out. I still have some testing to do (on myself of course! :)

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    There is a “new” phenomenon (buzzword) in the business world. “Social Enterprise”. This business model could well replace the domination of the “corporation” in the world. Every day new gov agencies and other orgs are starting up with support for this “new” business model. Most of them offering Grants and also Loans, Including quick to get startup money for small business. They will even give “cost of living” grants to pay your bills with while you develop your project. The rules are less restrictive than charity laws.

    With your experience and ideas, it sounds like you could easily tick the right boxes and get yourself some funding. Check into it! I hope it pays off for you.

    Lovebows, Chris

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    To piggy-back (can we say that on a vegan site? ;) ) on chriscarlton’s post, for grant/business startup/seed money, referrals, and advice, check with your local Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Administration, and there are many women entrepreneur and small biz organizations you can find on the web. When you make a few connections, you have support and not go it alone…

    Sending you lots of entrepreneurial and success energy…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    yes, I just won

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Edible skin creams and lip balms sound awesome! And I guess I’ll have to try the raw bacon recipe…:)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for that info Chris and BlueDolfin! That would be something I would be interested in! A friend of ours was just talking about trying to get one of grants these too – he wants to get into the raw food dehydrating business too. :) Maybe my bf could get some grant or something for his dehydrator! Thanks guys! I never thought of that. Chamber of Commerce hmmm..I definately looking into that!

    Thanks for the compliment Zoe! (the “queen” is actually one of my cats but I am OK with being called queen too! :) I am happy you liked the bacon.

    angie – Edible meaing that nothing bad in them to digest – i don’t know if all of them will be so yummy in their combos that you will want to scarf them down or anything (well maybe a few you might want to stick in your smoothies or something maybe) but not dangerous to eat i guess….

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Well, I look at our city’s Chamber of Commerce website. So it looks like to run a business from your home it is like 30$ a year. So that is good – I can do the hair stuff most likely. But the food will be a no-go for a while. Califoria law states you can’t sell food made in your home. :( Kinda figured that. I still want to do the raw dehydrated stuff but it might not be for a year or something – I would have to rent a kitchen. It is good that we have a few friends out here that want to do it too – so it will probably be a group effort. :)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    We got free business cards from Vista Print It might be too early for you… but, they do have good deals every now-and-then for business type things. We just uploaded our images, selected colors & layout, and put in our info. Real easy… just have to wait for a good deal or a “free” deal. You just pay for shipping.

    Wow, I can’t believe California doesn’t let you sell food made in the home. Too bad.

    Here in Virginia you can go to start-your-own-business seminars for free… do check your local county/city offices or libraries for such seminars.

    Good luck!

    Would they be “raw” products? (Maybe I missed that somewhere.)

    Maybe advertise somewhere… WLIR had something for practitioners.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    hi germin8 – Thanks! Yes, one day I will probably need that. I am looking into packaging now.

    My digital camara is a dud right now so I have to get a new one.

    The hair products that I could probably do right now would be raw for the most part. No chemicals, all natural – made out of food stuffs.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    So, how’s it going?

  • Paxton SquiggledyPaxton Squiggledy Raw Newbie

    Not sure what your age is, but the Military is always an option.

    If I were still in my 20s, I would join.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hey Angie – I am looking into my raw hair products formulas – I have to test them on myself! hehehe! I have a few easy things in mind to sell first off and see how it goes. I have to get some packaging and stuff like that. I have the ingredients. The food thing is definately on hold unfortunatley – but I have lots idea of what I am going to make to sell and have some other friends interested in doing the same thing – too bad it might be a year until that starts up!

    My bf and I are considered moving up farther Northern Cali – cheaper rents and we might be doing that harvest with our friend and other things that he might pay us to do.

    You might see a post from me about a few products I will start selling next week. :)

    Paxton Squiggledy – I like your cute ID name! Uhm – army – nah, I don’t think so – I am 38 yr old female who is anti-war so not really my speed. I know some people join to get the financial help for college but I already did the whole college thingy! Thanks for the advice though. :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Waiting isn’t always a bad thing – it sounds like you’ll be able to be really “together” by the time you’re able to sell food. Big factor in being sucessful long-term. Let us know when your products are available & what they are – will you have them on a website?

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