Waring Blenders suck!

I’ve had mine for two years and have had to replace the blade twice since then. Now it just broke again this morning!! Good gravy – I was making a smoothie!! With soft little fruits and veggies! I hate this stinking blender and now the decision is this: do I spend another $40 to get a new blade, spend $40 to get a cheap blender to tide me over, or save my $40s until I can afford a Vitamix? Erg.

So yeah – avoid the Waring blenders!


  • LibbyB, try Cuisinart. It has a combo blender and food processor. I have never had a problem with mine, and although it’s not a Vitamix, it really does the trick. I paid about $80. Not too bad.

  • Well, the problem is that I got it as a gift, and I’ve had it for two years. It’s so frustrating, because those suckers are not cheap! I may send them a scathing email. Just so they know. And make sure many many people know what a horrible product it is.

  • do NOT get a kitchenaid. after many a bad morning chewing the spinach in my smoothie (not a great breakfast food!), i have finally decided to invest in a blendtec. i am counting the minutes until it gets here.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    could you post what model waring blender you have as ive been considering buying one of their top of the line models which has 3.5 horses like a blendtec and costs like 350 .

  • Hey Michigan Roman: It’s a Waring Pro Limited Edition #51BL16, which is no longer available. Maybe their newer versions are better!

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