Help! Slimy sweet potatoes!

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

I cubed a raw sweet potato and then put it in a zip-lock bag and stored it in the fridge. It’s been in there for maybe 3-4 days. I opened it today to eat and I touched them, and they are all wet and soft and slimy! I’m scared to taste it! Nothing spilled on them or anything, and there’s no hole in the bag. Where’d I go wrong?


  • My mother told me you should NEVER refrigerate sweet potatoes. Now we know why.

  • I think you should maybe throw them away... Really sorry...

    Don't understand too why it happened, but I truly think they gone bad... to me that slimy texture around veggies is a warning... It actually happened to me this week with gratted beets... that were there for a loooog time (I made a juice fast and they were marinated wth ACV ans Soyhu)

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