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Money savings for ALL- code available!!!

Would you like to save $5.00’s on your next online order???

I mentioned the other day on a forum about www.iherb.com as having some of the best prices of all the sites I have compared… I have a discount code for a $5.00 savings for all “First Time Customers”... To date my orders have included, Cod Liver Oil softgels, Coconut Oil, Hemp Powder and Yacon Syrup… They have many other products, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use…

Here is the code NEC378 use it and enjoy your purchases…

Let me know what you think… Namaste


  • thanks for this….....i saw your post regarding iherb.com and planned on purchasing from them as soon as my husband gets paid at work. I now have even more incentive to purchase from iherb. thanks again!

  • I want to chime in and say that I’ve ordered from them several times. Not only did they have the BEST prices for my prenatal vitamins but the shipped fast and always have sales and promotions going on.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie


  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve tucked that coupon away and next time I shop there I’ll use it.

    While we’re on the subject of saving money, here’s another great find:

    Mr. Rebates! http://tinyurl.com/4pnr89

    They are affiliated with all sorts of mainstream online stores, like BestBuy, Walmart.com, Chef’s Corner—several hundred online stores. They’re all listed on the site. And if you click on the store through their site, you get cash back for shopping. The prices are the same, Mr. Rebates just shares some of their affiliate fees with the shopper.

    I’ve used them for years, they’re reliable and don’t share your email address. I’ve gotten several checks for $25-$50 from them. Pretty nifty.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    you rawk!

  • waterbaby12347 – i just wanted to let you know I did order from iherb & used the rebate code you gave us. thank you! the service is excellent! the prices are great, it arrived on time ( with free shipping ) – & it was packaged very carefully (way better than amazon) – i appreciate your telling me about this company.

  • So glad you all are using the code and enjoying your purchases!!!

  • Thought I would bump this one up for the newbies… Everyone I can tell you for almost all items I buy online I have compared prices of several companies and iherb is almost always cheaper… Enjoy the code and the excellent company and service as well as products!!!

  • Here's a pre Christmas bump for money savings at iherb.com

  • Wow!!! Interesting information, I had no idea of the commission or "child" grandchild Pyramid deal...

    I was only aware of the $5 discount for the first time buyer...

    Sounds like I need to speak with someone for more information... The main thing is, I like the company, the products and their prices...

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    I've been using www.Iherb.com for Years... The more times you order from them the Deeper Your Discounts Get... Currently whenever I order something from them I get like a 15% discount of everything I buy... and any orders over $60 Gets free shipping... I highly Recommend them... And I think one of the Best Brands There is The 'Now' Brand... You Should Check Out Their Referral System... Perhaps you Should Disclose that you Get a Commission on Every Purchase Made With Your Referral Number... By The Way My Referral Number is DEW156... Us it for a $5.00 Discount on your first purchase... and I get a 4% Commission On It... any person who uses that code will become a 'Child' of the First person in effect... and any person who gets his Own Code will in effect Become a Grandchild Of The Original Code Number with a 3% Commission... and so on and so on... Kind Of Like a Pyramid...

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I order the blue green algae from them and yes they sent me a 5$ discount. Thanks waterbaby!

  • or you can use my code: CER102 - when you order, you receive your OWN code to use - it's a rewards program - you can read about it here:


  • Is this still a valid offer from iherb?

  • Yes this code is still valid, please do enjoy it...

    code NEC378

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