Green Almonds

I was at an armenian market today finding some awesome cheap produce and i came across some green almonds… almonds picked before they are ripe. I bought a bunch! i’m sure they are raw, but what do i do with them? How does one eat this and is it ok to eat?


  • I’m not sure if they are raw, though they are green. To my understanding, almonds are only raw if they are still encased in their hull. (If you happen to find any like this, I would love to get one!) Sorry, I don’t know how one would prepare green almonds, or how safe they are to eat. Hope someone else can help you with that one. Good luck!

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    thanks for the response! almonds are really only raw in their hull? i think they use a roller to crush them out, not heat, right? darn… anyway, yea these almonds are more like a sour vegetable than a nut. theres really nothing i can do with them? anybody french? i think the french have some way to prepare this but i’m so naive

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    hey kundalalita—i grew up in france. our “green” almonds were fresh almonds. i’m not sure what you are dealing with, but the goodness should be inside the green stuff. there would be a little “nut” that tastes very watery. this is an almond before it has been dried. we just eat them straight. it’s quite laborious.

    but if you are talking about the actual nut being green, then i’ve never heard of this before!

  • I think I know what you’re talking about. It looks like a whole fuzzy green little unripe fruit? I’ve never had one, but I saw them at the Mediterranean Deli/Market near me and asked the owner about them. He said that people just eat them like snacks as they are, but that he doesn’t care for them. He said he thought they were kind of bitter or sour. I don’t remember which. He offered me one to taste, but I passed. I’ll try one next time I am there.

  • I tasted one at the Mediterranean Deli/Market near me. I ate the whole thing, fuzzy hull and nut, and it was good. I also tried a green cherry, also good. Try eating your almonds whole, and if the market has the green cherries, ask if they would let you sample one. The only possible problem with these is that they are unripe. I think I read somewhere that it’s best to eat fruit ripe because the sugars are more easily digested or absorbed or something. However, I may have also read about unripe fruit having more enzymes. I’m not sure what to think. Young coconuts are unripe, but then people don’t eat the hulls of those. Right? Maybe someone else has some insight into this.

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