Selling Bally Membership -anyone interested?

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I don’t know if this appropriate to post here – but I’ll take a shot since this is a healthy forum. But my bf and I are trying to sell our Bally Total Fitness Premier Memberships. They are both all paid off.

A new Bally Premier Plus Membership starts at around $2400 right now (dependant on location) not including the extra amount if you pay over 3 years. So we are selling our used ones for half that – good a deal if you want a Bally’s Membership.

My bf’s membership is a Premier Plus Membership and he is asking $1200 (or best offer). The monthly renewal is 12.10.

We don’t live near a Bally’s right (nearest one is ten miles away) and we have no car to get the nearest one anyhow.

We are trying to sell things we don’t use or need so we can pay our bills at the end of this month. We already have the transfer forms ready.

I will be selling mine too in about a week when I get the transfer papers in the mail. Mine is a Premier Membership not a Plus. Monthly renewal is 14.50.

If anyone thinks they might be interested in either membership or thinks they might know of someone who is, please email me at

Thanks guys! :)

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