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Indulged in non-raw sweets? Not as good as expected?

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

I have successfully stayed away from sugar for like four months. The only sweets I have indulged in come from fresh and dried fruits.

Since then, I have realized just how content I am with these kinds of sweeteners, and I can not imagine anything being any sweeter. I haven’t even eaten Stevia or Agave, since I don’t have access to them (and they are definitely sweeter than fruits).

My point is, my body is now adjusted to this lower level of sweetness as opposed to a higher one that is the effect of processed, refined sugar. If I were to suddenly pick up a Twix bar or a Little Debbie, do you think the sweetness of it would totally stun and disgust me or enthrall me?

Sometimes, I get crazy cravings for donuts and cakes and cookies, and I was thinking, maybe if I could pick up a commercially processed brownie, try it, and be disgusted by it’s overly sweet taste, maybe it would inhibit my insane cravings and I would no longer feel jealous of others who get to eat it.

Has anyone experienced this?


  • I have experienced it… and I have indulged. I would not suggest it. Your body gets addicted WAY easier and faster than it takes to kick the habit. So, one candy bar could spiral you out of control for a bit (did me). You’ve done great for 4 months – my advice is to stick with it and know what you’re doing is the best thing you could ever do for your body… oh and by the way, the donut recipe on this site (with apples, cinnamon and flax meal) is wonderful! :)

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    It worked for me, but my cravings might not be as strong as yours. I did the comparison taste test, and raw treats are far superior! Non-raw treats, and even many commerical raw treats, and too sweet for me. And the non-raw sweets just didn’t digest as well. I just make my own, or I’ll pop some cacao nibs and goji berries in my mouth for something quick and easy. :)

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    I have an ongoing battle with sugar. When I leave it alone after a few days I feel great, don’t think about it, and any bloating goes away. But if I have just one bite… I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I swear the sugar for me is just like if I were to pick up a drink. I just can’t stop! It’s ridiculous! And then I’m obsessing about it, stuffing my face until I feel sick, and beating myself up mercilessly afterwards. It’s been a real struggle for me, but I’m winning the battle slowly but surely the more I stick with raw.

    And seize is right about those apple “donuts”... scrumptious! :o)

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I have been 100% raw for 3 months now. I ate cooked food 2 times, and only a couple of bites then, and it gave me a really bad stomach ache. I thought that maybe it was all in my head, but either way, I haven’t wanted cooked food again.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I could actually gag on sugar now. I used to love really sweet things but my palate has adjusted to natural food, Before adding more raw fod to my diet, I ate macrobiotic for 3 years. That food has no sugar but some sweetners just like raw.

    This Easter I went to eat a Reeses peanut butter egg, one of my favorite SAD sweets. The taste of sugar was intense and artifical to me. It was just too much. I couldn’t eat it. My mind kept thinking “you can tell this stuff isn’t food.” I suspect it was the way it had been refined plus god knows what else they put in there. I doubt I would have had the same reaction chewing on a piece of raw sugar cane.

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    I had wondered if anyone else had thought about this like I had. I’m not 100% raw yet, but I began in August-ish of last year cutting out all processed foods, all refined sugar (I even try not to use too much honey), and I stuck with just fruit/fruit purees as sweeteners/snacks. Then my family and I went to a chinese buffet about a week ago, and I was enjoying my broccoli and veggie sushi and my sister holds out this little mango cake thing. Thinking (stupidly) “Oh, it’s mango! Maybe it won’t be too sweet.” I took a small bite. My mouth went into an uproar of disgust and I shouldn’t have swallowed it but I didn’t want people to stare at me. I had to run back to the buffet and grab some lychee and cantaloupe to get the taste out of my mouth! For about 2 hours after that my stomach churned and it felt like I had bubbles in my chest (or something like that. kindof like butterflies). It was VERY uncomfortable and at least now I know not to do it again! The moral of this story – don’t eat dessert when you’re happy with your fruits . lol.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i am on day 4 of being 100% raw and have not craved sugar at all. i think carrots and apples are keeping my very satisfied. :-)

  • i CANNOT handle those fake sweeteners anymore.. anything with high fructose corn syrup in it is awful to me now.. i still have a sweet tooth though.. chocolate is my weakness. but most of the time it is fruit that i crave.. my husband had this orange colored/flavored drink in the fridge a while ago, i hadnt done any grocery shopping in a while and i wanted something sweet to drink.. so i had me a little cup of this toxic waste labeled juice.. it was just about the grossest thing i have ever put in my mouth!! and there was a time that i would have totally drank this stuff with a orange colored mustache grin! it really didnt take me long to change my taste buds.. i still think sometimes that i want some sort of thing i used to eat but im sure that i wouldnt think it would taste as good as i once did. its like when i quit smoking, every now and then i think “a cigarette would sure be great right now” knowing that i would puke if i put one in my mouth and how i gag when around smoke.. its all about habit and association i think

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    It’s amazing to me how when I eat “regular” food, I can’t believe I used to think of it as food. A lot of it now seems more like cardboard, because there is no flavor, or cardboard with added chemicals, or something, but definitely not what I consider real food. :)

    loveskale – “toxic waste labeled juice” – HAHAHA!!!!!

  • chilovechilove Raw Newbie

    I noticed the same thing. After being raw for awhile, old favorites just lost their appeal.

    Eat more fruit if you are craving cooked sweets or starches.Those cravings are a sign that you are not eating enough fruit and need more carbs. The healthy natural carb choice for humans is fruit.



  • Yeah, it is quite difficult to me now as I moved together with a collegue and she eats a lot of processed stuff like chips and chocolates. Before I didn’t touch anything processed for years. But now…. however I feel like just a few bites of something. By the way does anyone know how could I make something like cappuchino, cuz I have been craving it for DAYS!?

  • Chilove: Would potato chips go under the category of “starches”? My weakness in my transitioning is potato chips. (I am still not back to 100%... somewhere around 80% but filling that 20% with things like potato chips makes me feel disappointed in myself for making bad choices) So do you think it would help with more fruit? I am definatly a carb person… I have never liked meat etc… but pasta, rice and potatoes is what I ate most of cooked. And when I eat cooked now it is generally spelt pasta or steamed potatoes and veggies, brown rice etc.) But I seem to want the salt… so it seems illogical to eat sweet fruit? But maybe that would do the trick?

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    flybaby: Here’s a yummy recipe I’ve been making:


  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    pasta, rice and potatoes is what I ate most of cooked. And when I eat cooked now it is generally spelt pasta or steamed potatoes and veggies, brown rice etc.) But I seem to want the salt

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    i was totally and completely addicted to salt. air popped popcorn was something i ate at least daily. i did a master cleanse and thought it might be a good time to kick the salt because the first food i ate tasted so intense, each thing had it’s own unique flavor. i decided to enjoy that instead of having everything taste like salt. i can’t believe it, but it worked! no more salt cravings. however, i do eat much more fruit.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I crave sea salt when I am low in sodium. I can eat salt in my salad dressings, guacamole, etc. or eat sea vegetables, celery, other things with organic sodium and when I am no longer deficient in sodium, I don’t want the salty/sodium things like I did before. A craving for chips might also mean not getting enough good fats. Olive oil and avocados do the trick for me. It sometimes just takes a while to re-train the body to ask for what it needs when it now has more healthy choices – at least that’s how it was for me.

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