'Safe' to run everyday?

I was wondering if it is okay on the body to run every day. I have read in the past that you need to give your body one to two days of recovery each week. I was wondering if that applies to people who eat raw and recover faster than those on a SAD or cooked diet? Does anyone run or exercise every day of the week, if so, how long have you been raw? I have only been raw two months. The first month I was tired all the time (probably detox) but now I have a lot more energy, but I don’t want to over do the running and pull something…


  • I would run 2 to 3 days a week and cross train the other days. Depends on your millage I’m training for a marathon and I have track Thursday nights 6 to 8 miles and big runs on saturdays 14miles leading up to the 26 I dont run much during the week cause I want to save my knees:) I have been raw only a couple of weeks now and I feel great!!

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