wagon wheels. they're kinda big and something something...

i noticed there is A LOT of talk of falling off the wagon recently so….this might help. it comes from www.thegardendiet.com’s daily raw inspiration- 11th april:

”....Now, let’s talk about wagons. I mean, what is it with this idea that one can ‘fall off the wagon?’ There are no wagons here. In fact, let’s decide right now, that we’re all walking along the same path in our enviro-sneakers. Some walk slower, checking out the scenery as they go. They keep their eyes forward, but will stop to glance behind them from time to time. Some walk faster, taking quick and bouncy steps along a dusty trail. They might occasionally trip on rocks along the way. Others just sprint right along, don’t they? Do they miss the scenery? Maybe. Does it matter? I don’t think so…..........If you have the mistaken impression, that you have in some way ‘fallen off the wagon,’ let’s set you straight! ;-) There are no wagons here.

- an excerpt from the Spring Issue of Pear Magazine Online, a very special magazine full of amazing articles, interviews, resources, and entertaining, uplifting, and inspiring reading for people who are living fresh organic lifestyles!”

thank you jinjee and famileeee x

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