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Green Smoothies

Hey Everyone

Ok, I have never made a smoothie before and would like to start trying. I have a juicer so I’ve mainly relied on that for my beverages, however, SOOOO many people praise the smoothie so I figured it’s time to add it to the diet.

Is it the book Green for Life that’s about smoothies?

Would anyone like to post their favorate smoothie for me to try?


  • This is mine:

    1 cucumber 1 orange a splash of aloe vera juice a splash of stevia, or agave or honey (whichever you prefer) a splash of either vanilla or cinnamon (or both!) As many handfuls of spinach as you can fit in the blender water or ice as needed.


    I have also used other citrus in place of the orange, and sometimes even an apple or pear. You can also replace the spinach with romaine, and if you like it really green and toothsome, add some kale!

  • JDJD

    LibbyB that sounds interesting. I would not have thought of vanilla or cinnamon. Thanks!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    1/2 ripe mango, 1/2 lime, water, your favorite greens (i like spinach, watercress, mint, kale, chard… the list goes on ;) )

    bananas and spinach or lettuce are a pretty mild one to start with.

    add the fruit and the water first and then blend in the greens slowly. taste as you go so you can see how much green is enough. later you’ll be able to do it by eye.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    1 frozen banana, honey, greens, frozen strawberries or raspberries, 1/4 of a lemon

    Green for Life Has info about smoothies, yup.

  • JDJD

    Winona are you freezing the fruit yourself or are you buying bagged goods as well?

    I can see I need to buy this book. This forum is smoothie crazed.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    beware store-bought frozen items. most of them have been blanched. freeze of your (or even better) use them fresh.

  • rawjazzrawjazz Raw Newbie

    I am nuts about green smoothies. That book “Green for life” is amazing, it changed my life! My favorite smoothie is:

    2 big bananas 1 cup strawberries 1 ripe pear 1/2 bunch of collard greens or 1/2 bunch of kale

    I never make them without at least 1 banana because it makes it creamy.

    One tip I have is that you can put a lot more greens in there than you think before it gets bitter—if you make it right it should be BRIGHT green, and you can taste the greens but it shouldn’t be a bitter unpleasant taste. Increase the greens a little every day until you find the perfect balance. And have them every day!! :)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hi pundee, i freeze the organic fruit myself, as i’m wary of store bought fruit (as it has been blanched). I agree that using fresh fruit is the best way to go, as all enzymes are intact. You can pour the smoothie over ice to chill it, or add ice into the vitamix when you blend it.

  • When i first went raw, I relied on this recipe like crazy. It is so dang good and so simple – just throw it in a blender for like 45 seconds.

    1 banana (peeled) 1 orange (peeled) 1.5-2 cups baby spinach few ice cubes and about 1/4 cup water for blending

    seriously… this thing rocked my world.

  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    half a squeezed lemon really cuts the bitterness greens may bring. parsley is amazing in green smoothies. i even add cacao and mesquite for that chocolate taste i adore. cacao, mesquite, chia seeds, some greens, coconut water, a banana and some other frozen fruit. that’s what i’ve had the past 2 days!

  • Mine never turn out “green” because strawberries etc. make it pink…

  • My favorite is pineapple, mango, banana, a few small oranges (or fresh orange juice) with mixed greens (spinach, collard, mustard, turnip). And a few ice cubes. SOOOOO good! Sometimes it is a little spicy (I think that might be from the mustard greens in the mix), so when first starting out I would suggest using spinach since it has a milder flavor. In this smoothie, I usually can only taste the fruit and not the greens (except for the little spicy kick sometimes), and it is a wonderful bright green color!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I think the pear, fig & kale (with a little Himalayan Crystal Salt) green smoothie is pretty great. When fall comes around, and both bosc pears and fresh figs are both in season, I’ll give this a try. So far, I’ve only tried bosc pears with dried black mission figs.

    You can add a little cayenne to your green smoothies (good with mild greens like spinach) to give it a little extra zing! :)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    2 cups mango, big handfull spinach, dash of indian chai spice.

    I can’t remember the exact quantities, but my fave is my spicy green smoothie. Pinapple, arugula, and ginger. It is one of my posted recipes. I personally love it!!

    i allways add a tablespoon of macca, gogi berries and bee pollen to my concoctions. Yummy superfoods to turn me into a super human!;)

  • JDJD

    Looks like I already buy the necessary ingredients for the smoothies you all posted…thanks everyone. I will have to add Mangos to the shop though. It’s been quite some some since I’ve bought any.

    One question though…who adds the ice to the mixture? Winona mentioned the different ways to make the smoothie but what’s the most popular way?

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I personally don’t add ice, just because it shocks the body when cold food is consumed. Some raw fooders like cold smoothies, though, so go for it if it helps you to transition. LOL :)

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