Calling Dallas/Ft. Worth folks!

A special announcement from Asha, Organizer of The NorthTexas Raw Food Meetup Group

Just returned from a fantastic Sedona Raw Food Retreat with David Wolfe (if you’re on myspace, check out the new Sedona pics) and am looking forward to getting together for our potluck on May 12th. Remember, Matt Monarch will be speaking May 11th from 6 – 8 p.m. —your health investment is $20. please let me know if you are coming. I need to borrow chairs from the business next door, and will need to let them know approximately how many. Your stated commitment is very appreciated. It does help in pre-planning and preparing Also, I think Matt will still be with us to share in our potluck on the 12th.

Best way to ensure we’ve got a chair with your name on it, is to call the Oxygen Life Spa at 940 891 1570 and let us know your in for May 11th, with Matt Monarch, Author of Raw Spirit, good friend, and Raw Living Food Enthusiast Extraordinaire! Again, pass the word through DFW about Matt coming! The more people we have supporting him, the more he’ll be able to return to us and share his knowledge and experience.

raw love, asha


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Asha. How was your retreat with David Wolfe? What do you think about him?Did you like and have a great time?And Matt Monarch.I really like his book Raw Spirit.

  • Hi Asha, I live in Austin, so close but yet so far away… I’d also like to hear how the retreat went! I’m currently reading David Wolfe’s Sunfood Diet Sucess System and really enjoying it! Keep us posted!



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