opinions on nesco American Harvest FD-75PR dehydrator?

amazon has these for a pretty good price, i think? does anyone have this? seems less of an investment for a newbie raw foodie like myself, but don’t want to buy a dud.



  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Sorry, but I just replaced my A. H. with an Excaliber. I really didn’t like my A. H. at all! But if the price is really really great, i think it would be a good starter. You may not be too into dehydrating, see how much you use it, and if you are ringt into it, splurge on an Exvcaliber!

  • i don’t mind my nesco american harvest. it does what it’s supposed to do, but needs a bit more fiddling with shapes than the excaliber. i am just starting out and didn’t know how much i would really use it so it works for me. after 6 months, i don’t really see much need to upgrade it, i find i dehydrate when i have time to make things, but am not having any major issues with space in it or anything.

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