Raw pup blog

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

Do you have a raw puppy or dog? Our naturopath just started a live puppy diet blog and is interested in hearing your stories as well!

So, this blog is a journal of Jack’s progress, what he eats, doggie treats, etc. But it is also a forum for important information on dog nutrition that is desperately needed. Are you aware of the additives that are in rawhide? Do you know what is contained in conventional pet food? It is a terrible shame that our pets are suffering from all the common Western human illness! Asthma, allergies, diabetes, and terrible cancers! This is not the natural way of our canine friends. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR RAW DOG INFORMATION OR STORY. WE NEED TO COMPILE AND SHARE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE. WHEN I SEE WHAT IS AVAILABLE AT THE MAJOR CHAIN CORPORATE PET STORES, I GET CHILLS! As it is with us, pet’s health are their birthright! Let’s discuss how to keep our beloved pet friends healthy and well nourished for years to come.


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