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Nuke the Greens!

chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

I was just thinking about the whole irradiation of leafy greens thing and I realised that they aren’t even bothering to wash them still, they are just going to nuke them and that’s it.

I am sure that since the E.Coli is coming from the fertilizer not the greens themselves, the risk could surely be eliminated if they would just wash them. I have always hated having to wash greens and I most often do not when I am just feeding myself. Probably many people are like me and don’t wash them which puts us at high risk for infection.

Of course washing greens without damaging them and without making them look worse would probably cost a few bucks, but nuking them is cheap, cheap, cheap!

1% of the military budget or a portion of the government meat subsidies could be used to finace the green washing or the cost of vegan fertilizers instead of using human and animal waste. But since when has the American Government ever spent money on “We The People”. Typical.

ps. everyone’s always encouraging others to Vote, I lived in a small California town for a few years and they had a better solution to government than just voting. In Arcata people who want to change things run for local office and they have been for years. Because of this, Arcata is unlike any town I’ve ever experienced. They even have a law that no companies are allowed to open there that have more than 3 locations, so in Arcata you won’t find any Mcdonalds, Burger Kings or Wal-Marts.


  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    chris, have you heard anything about when the irradiation is supposed to begin? I know about the Codex thing and 12/31/09. but have you heard any specifics about nuking greens?

    also, great example with Arcata. I wonder how broadly applicable this could be…

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    CHRIS - I never heard that the E.Coli is coming from the fertilizer. If so, that explains the push to irradiate. If it should ever become common knowledge it was the fertalizer, people may question it and we can’t have these chemical companies losing any of their profit. Got to maintain those values.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Chris – you lived in Arcata?? That’s so cool! I’m just down in Ukiah, born in Eureka, and lived in Arcata & Eureka a few years back. I miss it up there. Redwood Park was my alltime favortite place to be, rain or shine.

    I just love those “small world” moments! :oD

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    jenergy~ You had me concerned there… it seemed you only mentioned places that started with a vowel (Eureka, Ukiah, Arcata)... thank goodness for Redwood Park. ;)

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    I’m a bit confused (not new…). I thought the issue with produce is Salmonella. Wasn’t that the outbreak with spinach last year? The last I hear from the media, very wary of the info source, was the contamination was caused by some wild pigs pooping in the spinach fields. I thought E. coli issues were with meat such as beef (some fast food restaurants were hit by this attributed to the meat producer passing it on). Does the irradiation kill the Salmonella as well as E. Coli. Any light on the situation is appreciated.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Chris – when you posted, i thought that nuke the greens meant that someone was encouraging us to cook our greens before eating them. haha.

    then i starting reading, and realized that the government wants to do this for us. BOOOOO!!!

    i want to live in an independent, raw vegan yurt village away from folks who want to poison our food supply…

    you’re right, washing the greens or using a vegan fertilizer would take care of the program. but we’re talking about the same government who loves having toxic chemicals on our produce and in boxes labelled ‘food’ right?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    How serious is the government about nuking the greens? Because that will sure as hell get me to leave the country if they do. I am experimenting with fruitarianism at the moment, but I do recall savoring my greens and will consider this a total tragedy if it occurs.

    Is it…serious business??! Like, in the planning stages??

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    deadline for input on the bill was december, 2007. on april 18, 2008 the bill went to committee. in other words, it’s too late to act – hopefully some raw vegans wrote the gov’t before it was too late. hopefully this bill isn’t passed. IF it is, the USDA will grant their committee power to enforce food safety regulations on greens (on organic and non organic, large and small growers) and force them to irradiate the food to supposedly prevent ecoli (faulty logic, as chris pointed out).





  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Wow, any more places like Arcata?

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