Going raw - one meal at a time

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

Hi. I am a designer and artist in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been vegetarian for most of my adult life, but up until recently hadn’t considered moving away from cheese and cooked foods.

My journey into eating raw foods began when my partner was misdiagnosed with cancer. For a few weeks, we read everything we could find about diet, which lead us to a raw food preparation class by Dr. Ariel Policano. Once I tasted raw foods, I was pretty hooked on bringing them into my life. At first, I tried to go 100% raw and found it a bit stressful. So, I took a step back and started by going vegan and adding raw foods into my snacks and at least one meal a day. As I learn about new recipes and techniques, raw food are becoming a bigger and bigger part of my lifestyle.

Life has changed a great deal since starting to eat raw; I’ve lost weight and kicked the hypoglocemia that has been a daily reality for my entire life. This transition has changed the way I see my own ability to adapt to change and has made it much easier to follow my desires in other areas as well. And, I feel fantastic!

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