Castor Oil?

SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

Hello everyone. I have a bottle of castor oil and I have no idea what to do with it. Does anyone have any advice about any uses or benefits? Where does it come from and how is it made anyway? Thanks, Sam



  • It’s made of Castor beans. It is used as a laxative. Please see the description in the following article.…

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    There’s some information about it at, more about its topical uses. I’ve been reading about its uses as a compress, not sure how it works but it’s interesting.

  • jennabjennab Raw Newbie

    Hello! I have been using castor oil in various ways over the past week and a half, and it accomplished a miraculous cure for me yesterday evening by expelling an IUD that had been lodged in my uterus for several years. It was unable to be removed by medical personnel, and they recommended surgery, but I wasn't ready to cut myself. A little backstory, they originally inserted it to shrink some large fibroids I had, but the IUD ended up making them much, much larger, which is what caused the IUD to become stuck. Needless to say this made a bad problem even worse. But I remembered that I had heard about castor oil being a cure for fibroids, so I figured it would be worth a try, I had nothing else to lose at that point. NEVER did I even dream that it would affect the IUD in any way, I just hoped it would shrink the fibroids enough that eventually a medical practitioner could go and remove the IUD so full healing could occur. But, as I mentioned, after a week and a half of using castor oil (so far), sometimes on my face, sometimes on my feet, sometimes as lip gloss, and each night on my belly, included two nights of doing a castor oil pack using a pack I purchased from Amazon...I began to bleed heavily, which was interesting because prior to that I had been entering early menopause it seemed, and hadn't bled in months. After some cramping and a tiny twinge of pain, the only way to describe it is I "gave birth" to a placenta-like mass of tissue, and the IUD was contained therein! Long story short, castor oil appears to be useful for EVERYTHING that ails you. Some things are healed quickly, some things heal more slowly, but it seems that over time, castor oil can somehow right all kinds of wrongs in the body, sometimes even miraculously, like it did in my case. I can't recommend it enough!! I also recommend the book "The Oil That Heals", which I also purchased on Amazon. It contains numerous stories about castor oil healing, told by a doctor. At the very least, I recommend using it topically anywhere on your body to help you have the most restful sleep you've had in years, perhaps ever in your life. Hope this helps someone!!

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