Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had allergies to food before going raw and then been fine eating the same food in a raw state. I am allergic to corn and would love to try it raw. Same with wheat. If anyone has experienced this please let me know!


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i am gluten intolerant and do fine on wheatgrass. although it is because i know there is no gluten in wheatgrass. i know this doesn’t really answer your question. how severe is your allergy? can you easily tell your reaction? if you are anaphylactic I would advise against it.

  • I’m gluten intolerant, but you couldn’t pay me to even try it again. ughh…I won’t even try oats for fear of cross-contamination, even if they say it isn’t contaminated. EVERYTHING is contaminated with damn wheat…most kinds of grains and probably most processed food thanks to the factories. I think that is the #1 reason I feel better raw…I don’t eat anything out of a package and I don’t even eat rice anymore.

  • Hey everyone! Thanks for the replies. I have never had an anaphylactic reaction but I definately get sick. I actually have Celiac Disease which is why I cant have gluten (it damages my intestines.) Corn is really hard for me as I get really sick from eating it in its cooked state. Maybe some day I will have the courage to try it raw (raw tacos!!!) If I do, I will definately let you guys know what happens. P.S. I didnt know there wasnt wheat in wheat grass. Very cool!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    there is wheat in wheatgrass…just no gluten. But if you have celiac disease like I do you should be ok. In theory of course. I don’t do too well on corn either. But in fact my digestion has been doing much better since I have been all-raw. You can do it!

    LizK- I ate the certified gluten-free oats and I was fine. In fact I had them for several months for breakfast. I found I was eating WAY too much rice. Like every meal. So I am happy for the break from it. My diet is actually more varied being raw than SGFD (standard gluten-free diet).

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