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I’m going to a women’s retreat campout next month, and I plan to do a lot more camping through the summer and fall (in fact, I just scored a tent on the sidewalk in front of a neighbor’s house with a “free” sign on it… woohoo!). Anyone have any food ideas & suggestions for camping? Thanks!


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    Hi jenergy, there was a great forum before with somebody asking about travel food suggestions. I know that might help out a bunch… I’d make some trailmix, granola, fruit of course is always simple, last time we went I made a lot of my favorite chopped vegetables, sprouts and dressing to stuff in either tortillas/sprouted breads or on flax crackers. I also like having vegetable that has been spiroolied or saladacoed into noodles to have diced vegetables and dressing or raw marinara sauce on top (that can be made ahead of time and kept in your cooler in a ziplock bag or container). Hummus, avocadoes, salsa, ziplock bags of your own prewashed greens (with or without extra veggies), and if you have a cooler you could always bottle fresh juice up to the tip top of mason jars and keep in your cooler, as long as there is no air in there and it remains cold, you could have them to drink in addition to water. I also make a fruit/nut salad with grapes, almond slivers, seasalt, curry, and Alissa Cohen’s avocado mayonnaise…that keeps really well for days in the cooler and is good alone or on salad or on crackers :) Camping is so fun and a FREE tent to boot! I hope you enjoy it…you could always be a fruitarian for the weekend and not have to worry too much about plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups, etc…don’t forget your water. I have a list of everything you need to take camping if you need it, found it on a cool website, just need to re-locate it, pretty handy! :)

  • rawmama, please show us that list! I am also looking for camping solutions. I go camping as often as i can in the summer- it’s my only escape. I’ve thought of just eating lots of easy snacks. whatever i can make that won’t spoil. I don’t really want to have to bring a lot of silverware or containers or coolers. any other suggestions anyone?

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    if you dont think you can go without smoothies, get a Vortex hand crank blender. It will make you some decent fruit or veggie smoothies. You just need to have something (like a picnic table) to attach it to to make the hand-cranking easier.

    I have only used mine on camping once so far but it was pretty nice to have. It is light too.

  • The funny thing we noticed about camping while raw was that we would get back to the campsite after a long day of hiking, totally ravenous and whip out our cooler of fruit and be eating within minutes whereas the cooked friends with us would have to get their propane cookstove going, chop up a bunch of stuff and then wait for it all to cook. It seemed like torture. Being raw and camping is so much easier, especially if you just eat fruit or simple meals the whole time. If you are camping without the luxury of a car to carry all your food you can always prepare dried foods in advance (crackers etc.) as they are so lightweight to carry. We are actually about to start living in a bus for the summer so it will be like camping all the time. Yay!

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    Rawmumma, You are so right, big difference in time it takes to open an orange than make pizza mountain pies, and you feel so much better! ;) My list is huge but sure makes packing a breeze because it is broken down for each member in our house (personal items and clothing). I’ll find out how to post it for you to see it without taking up lots of space…in the meantime, here are 3 websites that have pretty thorough lists. What I did was make a list of what I needed for each family member (clothing, toys, books, medicine), then the list of what we all needed for the Bathroom, Kitchen, Fireplace, Swimming, Towels, Bedding, etc. Then I went through these online websites and added to my electronic camping list the things I had forgotten to include. In addition, when I was camping, if I was missing something, like salt or matches or fly swatter lol!, I had a tablet in the car, added it to a list and added it to my camping list on my computer when we got home. Then each time we went camping, I could pull up my electronic camping list, print it out and go down the checklist. I also made menu ideas for each day including a seperate grocery list sooooooo if you decide suddenly to go camping, you can just pull up an old menu and grocery list and you were on your way :) Can you tell I’m sort of detail oriented? LOL! I have to say my favorite thing, especially when we tent camp, is to have a cheapo picnic basket that has all the silverware, plates (paper or plastic), cups, napkins, dishsoap (in a tiny bottle), dishcloth & towel, matches, salt, pepper, honey, and garbage bags, and laundry rope & clothespins already packed so it was a “grab it and go” type basket knowing that everything was in there for the picnic table area. Don’t forget any bug spray, sunscreen, water shoes, and candles (I keep other things like that in a seperate rubbermaid container. Then have a 2nd container for lanterns, ax, rope, tarp, utilitarian items). It’s just worked for us, as our family has grown, to have labeled rubbermaid containers that remain in our garage, ready to go, so we have less packing (except for food, clothing, bedding, towels) each time. Ok, here are the websites. Sorry this was so long, hope these help jog your memory of what you need to “not” forget :) http://www.aspen-graphics.com/camping-list.htm



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    Thanks everybody for the awesome suggestions! Rawmama, I do what you do when I go camping… list-wise, anyway. I’m not quite as together as you sound, but I’m getting there. Last summer I had such a detailed list for a 3-day camping trip that I wound up taking waaaaaay too much stuff and didn’t even unpack some of it while I was there. This year I’m going to go for simple, simple, simple… and it sounds like that’s the way to go with the raw foods, too. I’m sure it’ll be way easier than I think and not so overwhelming once I just do it. I always seem to think things to death!

    Thanks again for the ideas, guys. I am really loving it here. :oD

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