Greetings my Raw People!

Hi everybody! I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful group!

A little bit about me: I was a vegetarian for a year and a half and when I went raw in 2005 I felt increadibly healthy, luminous, and alive. My skin was clear, my body felt and looked amazing, and I felt a sense of vitality that I hadn’t felt in years. I fell off the wagon during some turbulent times in my life. What a mistake! It should be that during the tough times we put an even greater emphasis on properly nourishing our bodies but instead I went back to my old ways…

It’s now 2007, time has flown by. A lot of things have changed. I am in a great place right now. I like my job, I have good friends, I absolutely love Austin (if you haven’t been, you need to come!) and I am training for my first triathlon in June. I had been eating healthy but I needed more. My body and my mind are ready for the next step. I’ve been on the internet searching feverishly for all the information I can find on cleanses, raw food, and positive thinking. Over the last month and a half I have gradually been incorporating all of these things back into my life. It feels like I’m really onto something. It’s amazing how quickly I returned to the SAD and it’s also amazing how quickly my body has responded to going raw again! Being back on raw I feel great, light and content. I am enjoying my own company and my thoughts seem more peaceful. It’s amazing how irritated one can get on SAD! Our bodies response to having to process dead food!

You can read more about me and my raw journey on my blog:

I update it almost daily with raw info, my daily food intake, various recipies, and just random bits about what’s going on in my life. Post a comment and let me know what you think!

You’re all raw and fabulous!



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  • I went through the same thing years ago. I was raw for a long time and then life happened and I went for comfort food. Good luck with your raw journey and your trialthalon. PS. I heard there’s alot of great shopping in Austin.

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    Hi, great to meet you, Yes it is amazing how irritable we get on SAD, positively psychotic at times! so glad all that is in the past for all of us :)

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