Raw Nori Rolls

Does anyone know where you can get raw nori rolls? I read that they should be almost black if they are truly raw. The ones that are dark green are roasted…

Thanks for your help!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It is hard to get really raw nori sheets. The “black nori is raw, green is toasted” is misleading, even black nori can be cooked because of drying at high temps.

    As I’ve mentioned on another thread, I was buying black nori sheets that were sold as raw – untoasted. A couple of raw websites also sold the same brand of untoasted nori as ‘raw’. Then when I emailed the manufacturer they told me even this ‘raw’ nori had been heated to well over the safe temp during it’s drying process. It was ‘Clearspring’ untoasted nori and comes in a green package.

    As far as I know you can buy truly raw nori from Juliano’s website http://www.planetraw.com and www.rawfood.com

  • Thanks for the websites Zoe!

  • Linda, not related to raw nori, but I wanted to say hello and tell you I am moving to Austin, in the next few months.

    Is there a raw community there? Cafe’s restaurants, juice bars, farmers markets?

    I am moving back to the US to Austin from Italy, where I have lived for the last 4 years. Went raw in April, feel great and it will be great to try out all the things I hear about on this website..and do not have access to young coconuts, durian the works…mmmm can’t wait. If you get a chance pls let me know about raw stuff in Austin, potlucks etc..I will do some research on the net closer to my move date but its nice to know from people who live there. Cheers! :) desamiles

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