Increased flexibility while raw

Another question:

In my yoga practice I am noticing that my streaches are deeper now, I am able to do things I could not do 1 month ago and that I am not as wiped out. Any of you noticing increased endurance, more flexibility and just exercising being easier?

Also initially I was tired and spacey while raw (detox) now the surge of energy is here and I feel great.

Would love to hear about others and their exercise related success stories, thanks and blessings deasmiles :)


  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    Oh my goodness, I so glad you said something about flexibility. I wasn’t able to touch my toes completely but after being raw I’m able to touch the ground with almost my whole palm touching the floor. I wasn’t able to do that before. I didn’t know if it was me being raw or if I was just getting more flexible because I played basketball. Wow, it’s amazing what our bodies can do when we feed it right.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I think I found out why we are more flexible.

    Clean joints (free of salty deposits) have a wider range of motion, better flexibility, and do not react to weather changes.

    So when we are detoxing, our body is cleaning the joints.

    I got the information from this site.

  • Kooliedad, thanks for the info I checked out that link, that makes sense.

    I had an intense detox reaction while working out today, I did my 50 mins on the spin bike (10 min warm up, 10 jumps, 10 running, 10 climbing a mountain and then 10 cool down) when I got off the bike I did my arms biceps and triceps with free weights. Once on the triceps I got severely nauseated and a hot wave went thru my body, then I got a tingly sensation in my hips and shoulders and then it passed. I had to go lay down. 5 mins later I felt amazing. I think some toxins were moved around and will leave my body. Anyway the exercising is speeding the healing and I am totally stoked! Yay raw life rules… :) blessings, deasmiles.

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