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how do folks feel about drinking wine? do you consider wine a raw food? i enjoy drinking wine with my raw meals.


  • I try not to drink alcohol anymore, although I do have slip ups! If I do drink, I try to drink organic, better yet, biodynamic wine. there are a couple places that serve biodynamic wines here in Austin.

    A great winery is Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz County, CA. (https://www.bonnydoonvineyard.com/). You can join their wine club and have biodynamic wine sent to your doorstep every month!

  • zenpawnzenpawn Raw Newbie

    6 ounces of red per day for me.

  • i appreciate the feedback! i will view the “bonnydoonvineyard” information.

  • barosebarose Raw Newbie

    I drink a glass probably once a twice a week.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Funnily enough I am ok with champagne, but anything else makes me feel very, very ill.Now I am raw. The last time I tried to get drunk I had 2 glasses of wine and spent the whole evening throwing up with a banging headache.

  • I don’t think any alcohol product is really raw. I was very surprised when I ate at Juliano’s Raw in Santa Monica and saw the stacks of wine bottles that he has there. I think that is more evidence that these ‘raw’ restaurants just cater to ‘what the people want’ instead of what they should want and what is healthy. No form of alcohol can be considered healthy, it is flat out a toxin. It is actually the waste product of yeast – I prefer not to consume other species’ waste products.

  • barosebarose Raw Newbie

    Remember SocaL, the restaurants have to turn over a profit somehow. ;)

  • I have candida/digestive issues, and I’m unsure as to whether fermented foods are really good for me or not (bacteria is good but yeast is bad – aren’t they basically the same thing?), so I’m experimenting with some different foods to see how I feel. The digestive issues are certainly improving but I don’t know if that’s a general raw foods thing, or more specifically a fermented foods thing.

    Anyway, I’ve been eating kimchee (although it’s too hot-spicy for my liking), nut cheese, and fermented fruit juice. I’m hoping the latter in particular is really good for me because if I can substitute that for drinking soda and regular (more potent) alcohol, I’ll be one happy camper. (And it’s fun to home-brew!).

    I have trouble quitting things cold turkey without something satisfying to take their place. If I make a habit out of drinking a little glass of fermented fruit juice out on my apartment patio a few times a day, it could be a substitute for smoking too. =)

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