Raw Food Charity Evening

chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

A mediterranean feast including Raw Pizza, Greek Soup, Italian Salads and Delicious Desserts.

All for 2 great charities. Incredible Edible Project & Chernobyl Children’s Charity

Near Manchester UK at the… Bear Cafe Rochdale Road Todmorden

Saturday 7th June 7:00 PM



  • This sounds absolutely amazing :) I saw an advert for it in the Natural Food Store in Headingley, Leeds, and was so excited when I saw that it hadn’t already been and gone! I’m just 2 months raw now, but I SO WANT to meet some other raw vegans! My mum will be up visiting me that weekend, and I’m sure that she thinks that me being raw is a bit barmy, so it will be lovely to bring her along too – both to educate her, and to show her what can (potentially) be done. I’ll be making sure that I call Linda tomorrow, and I’ll hopefully see you there next weekend! I’m so excited! :)

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