jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

I’m meeting my mom for a picnic this afternoon… she’s trying out the “raw thing” with me, so I’m gonna browse around here and pick out a yummy treat to make. My mom’s been in the health nut tribe since the 70’s – her copy of Diet for a Small Planet is dog-eared and food-stained – and she’s been overjoyed and totally supportive of my journey in the last few years… her enthusiasm to try new things and love of life in all its complexity has always been an inspiration to me. I’m very, very lucky that my mom has always been my first and best friend. Even when I was a teenager and knew everything (and pitied her in all her ignorance of the world, haha) she was right there when I needed her.

A very happy mother’s day to all the mammas and grammas here!


  • My mother is such a big support for my raw lifestyle as well. Her goal is to be 80% raw and then possibly 100% raw. I told her that her present ( a dehydrator ) would be arriving this week and she cried. I told her that only a raw mom would cry over a dehydrator. She has already put in her birthday order for a saladaco. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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